B-Epic`s pills for Nails & Hair

Elev8 & Acceler8 pills by B-Epic improves nails and hair. This is a fact that has thousands of evidence.

There are many reasons for this. For example, the quality of hair and nails depends on the quality of sleep, which improves Acceler8 pills. It depends on the hormonal balance that Elev8 pills normalize. It also depends on the level of collagen and keratin production, which both products increase, and on many other factors…

But the main thing is not the reasons, but the results. And they are clearly visible in these ↓ “Before and After” photos.

Nails & Hair: effect and results

Elev8 against hair loss
Diana’s review: “Due to stress, my hair fell out. He was also overweight, weighed 84 kg. The nails were layered and broken.
Now I built without a diet, only taking cellular nutrition – in 2 months – by 6 kg (13 lbs)! Strong nails, good sleep, stopped nervous, good mood all day! And, most importantly, the hair has grown! The spot on the head is overgrown with new hairs!”

B-Epic Elev8 pills for hair growth (real review from USA)

Testimony of Londa Mc Kirby from Kentucky, the USA:

“I have not had my hair down but once since I started this system. Wow!

I am so AMAZED at the length and STRENGTH of my hair. There’s so much more to this system than loosing WEIGHT. I can not even explain what happens to your hair after major survey. All the medicine and laying around on it damages it down to the roots.

Somehow this system has allowed my HAIR, SKIN and NAILS to TRULY B-EPIC!!! I LOVE IT!!!”

bepic pills Elev8/Acceler8 for fast hair growth

Review by Patty Roberts:

“The first picture was on 5-30 and picture on the right is 8-25. My hair is growing like a weed. I’ve only been on the supplements for 2 months and is getting a lot thicker and my nails are so much stronger and longer.

The shorter my hair is the fluffier it is but it’s wet in both pictures”

DeAnn Hanlon‎ (Nebraska USA) review about Elev8 for Nails

DeAnn from Nebraska says:

“I have Raynaud and other autoimmune problems. My nails were in a mess, constantly cracking, pitted and cracking by a third if they did not reach my nail. Always cut as short as possible to try to get ahead of this and minimize damage.

I have taken large doses of biotin and all other vitamins that I can come up with. Nothing helped…

But look! Now much better. I love these products!”

elev8 acceler8 nails

Vanessa Nowe from Canada says:

“Okay for anyone that hasn’t tried growing out their nails because they always broke like mine previously, you need to try!

This is every weekend camping, cutting the grass, doing dishes and everything else in between. My nails have been bare the entire time and now so strong and grow so fast.

Living proof that these products are doing amazing things for our bodies!”

3 b-epic pills for hails health (testimonial with photos)

Heidi Millington’s review:

For the last 2 years I haven’t seen the whites of my nails…. they just haven’t seemed to grow and when they did they’d break.

They have also been quite noticeably ridgey and slightly red at the top of my nail bed… if I’m honest it did concern me a bit.


But I just put it down to wearing gel polish and going under the lamp.

Well here I am still wearing gel polish…… but look – my nails are amazing, infact the best they have ever been‼️

Strong, growing fast, no ridges, no redness…. to me this is a sign that my health has improved hugely from the inside (goodness knows what was the cause of this before)

And the ONLY change is my 3 natural magic beans that I have been taking for 3 months!!

Bethany Bruni from USA - bepic hair result
A Bethany’s review from the USA: “This is probably an unconventional before and after… but holy hair growth!!! This is a 9 week difference. My hair normally grows pretty fast anyways, but adding these 3 supplements to my routine has made it grow like crazyyy. Healthy starts from the inside out!”

bepic pills for hair (result)
Diana Berkley-Collins Carmean wrote: “I have a receding hairline (it runs in the family) but look at this new growth and how long it is already. I’ve been on these supplements for almost 3 months and I cannot believe it. I was even thinking I was going to have to stop wearing my hair back and maybe have bangs, but now I won’t have to. Love these pill’s”
bepic 3 pills for nails (review)

Evangelina from the USA wrote:

“Just admiring how beautifully my nails are growing with my friend “The little green pill”. I’ve always have my nails natural, as in no harsh acrylic or anything. They would grow but break easily. I’m constantly working with my hands doing things especially dishes, so they break a lot.

I say this because lately I’ve noticed them growing rather nicely and strong. Then I remembered all the nice vitamins plus the B12 that is in the green pill I have been taking. Just another reason why I’m loving this pill!”

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