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BEpic capsules for chronic pain

Chronic pain is pain that continues at 3 months and more since onset. It is caused by inflammation associated with chronic diseases (eg, arthritis, diabetes), injuries (eg, herniated disc, torn ligament), and a large number of primary pain syndromes (eg, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic headache).

Although BEPIС pills do not have analgesic properties and do not contain any psychotropic substances, they often help relieve chronic pain. The reason for this is the ability of the supplements to suppress chronic tissue inflammation.

This page contains real reviews of people who got rid of various pains thanks to these pills.

bepic pills review (chronic pain, PTSD/RTS,depression, anxiety)

Review by Stacey Cordell from Tennessee:

“6 months on the 3 wonder pills! Listen to how dramatically they’ve changed my life!

Little background first… 6 years ago I suffered a trauma that left me with severe PTSD/RTS with depression, anxiety and severe insomnia.

4 years ago I was struck with the diagnosis of fibromyalgia and neuropathy from a hidden black mold flare in our attic. I was pretty much bed ridden for some time as drs tried to find medications that would help without negative side effects (I’m so sensitive to medicines, even some natural herbs). Intense overall pain and then slowly started gaining weight from the different medicines! I was miserable and beginning to give up hope.

Fast forward 6 months to now…I am beyond pleased with my results! I am functioning with minimal pain!! For a chronic pain sufferer this is so amazing! I’m sleeping full nights regularly now! My stomach does not hurt me anymore when I eat! I stopped gaining regular weight and even lost a couple pounds. My anxiety and depression are greatly improved! I have energy! I can be a mom and wife again!

My dr was so impressed with the results I’m having with these supplements that not only did she highly recommended I continue using them she took down the information for herself! I’m now on very minimal medications for my existing conditions!

These 3 magic beans have changed my life in such a profound way that I had to become a distributor to share with others!”

b-epic's elev8/acceler8 pills for Chronic hip pain

Jackie Smith from Canada shared the following:

Well, I have been hurting for 18 months. That’s 18 months of being in pain every day, not sleeping, depressed, depending on people to do things for me, not able to sit or walk. I have had so much narcotics, cortisone shots, dry needles, acupuncture, massage and nothing worked.

Visited hospital for pain shots a a lot! Seen specialist and they finally figure out, I have bursitis and hip impingement!!!

4 weeks ago I decided to try B-Epic and .. guess what!

My inflammation has decreased!
My pain has decreased!
I am no longer walking with my cane !!!
Not depressed anymore!
Not bloated anymore!
I am down 4 pounds and 4 1/2 inches. My clothes fit looser!
I am feeling happy: like My old self!

I am 47 years old and I feel so good since I started B -Epic!!
I am just so happy not to be in so much pain anymore!!
Thank you so much B-Epic you help me get my life back!!

bepic pills for chronic pain (review from NY)

Laurie Jean from NY states wrote:

“So here’s a bit of my back story.

During the summer before my senior year of high school I was in a horrific car accident. Thank god I had a seat belt on or I would not be here right now.

I severely herniated discs in my lower back and ended up in a back brace for 2 years and physical therapy for ….. 20 + years the therapists I had early on were not helping at all it was torture and more pain.

When I was pregnant with My middle daughter the pain was so debilitating I couldn”t function I found the most amazing physical therapist and he put me back together on a regular basis for the next 11 years And was a life saver and became a wonderful friend of our family.

When we moved to PA, I saw new doctors and started a medication that brought my inflammation down but never took the pain away from the left side of my back, my knee or neck.

6 months ago my sister introduced me to this amazingness of a wholistic system and within weeks I noticed for the very first time in 25 years I didn”t have back pain, or neck pain, or knee pain! If you”ve suffered with lower back pain you know how debilitating it is. It takes over your day, your life, everything you do and how you move even being able to sleep is affected.

Now I can exercise pain free I sleep solid through the night, i can run and play with my kids! I am LIVING LIFE IN FULL COLOR is the only way I can explain it. It”s incredible it”s an answered prayer and I want to help everyone feel this way!

If you see me I’ll be the one with a big smile on my face because feeling completely pain free for the first time in more than half my life is something to smile about for sure!!”

b-epic pills review (chronic leg pain)

Khrysyna’s review on BEpic pills:

“These pics are embarrassing but if my story can help one person then it’s worth it.

Before Epic :

  • Chronic Pain 24/7 for 20 plus yrs
  • On about 7 pharmaceutical drugs including sleeping pills, antidepressants (since I was 12 never been off) and pain meds
  • ADHD & Brain Fog
  • Bad concentration
  • Fibro/CFS/ME, Arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis, Back Pain, Severe Depression, Anxiety/Panic, Heavy smoker, Chronic Neck Pain, Inflamation, IBS & Heavy Menstrual Bleeding and bad PMS and cramps
  • Night time cravings

Since Epic :

  • Pain down by 60-70%!!
  • OFF FOUR PHARMA MEDS almost 5‼️‼️No More Antidepressants and sleeping pills!!
  • Less Pain and inflamation all over. It used to take forever for me to be able to do anything after waking up cause I was in so much pain I had to wait for pain meds to kick in. Now I can get up most days and GO!! After I take my Green Bean Elev8
  • I sleep sooo good and don’t wake up more exhausted then when I went to sleep!!
  • Brain Fog is gone & I can actually have a conversation and not forget what I was saying ten times or be all over the place!!
  • 90% anxiety GONE!!
  • Better Gut Health
  • Colitis barely exists now
  • Periods lighter and Hardly even noticing cramps or PMS symptoms
  • Don’t have crazy sugar cravings now and am drinking more water

If you are on the fence, Take it from me and sooo many others It will be the best decision ever.”

b-epic capsules against pain in leg and knees

Elizabeth Verigan Guest from Louisiana shared her epic results:

“I have been taking these supplements for just under 4 months and have had some pretty amazing results. The weight loss and inches gone are a bonus for me-the pain relief was my main goal!

This pic might not look like anything special-just a chic sitting in a chair right?!?! Except-THIS chic couldn’t sit with her left leg under her right leg in a chair like this 4 months ago!! THIS chic could barely bend her left knee enough to lift it to put a sock on her foot-but I can totally bend it now with NO PROBLEMS!

NO PAIN, NO DISCOMFORT! I can’t say enough about these supplements and I can’t share them with enough people!”

Bepic Elev8 pills for chronic spinal pain (review from USA)

Catherine Fischer Carter’s review:

“More praise for these awesome supplements! My other half suffers from chronic pain from a spinal cord injury. He is on pain meds, but the doctor has decreased them with the hope of no longer needing them one day. Unfortunately, the pain has caused him to lose a lot of sleep and we all know that sleep deprivation makes life tough.

Not sure why I didn’t think of it before, but last night I suggested that he take a white pill and what do you know? He had a GREAT nights sleep after WEEKS of laying awake for hours each night.

I LOVE that there is something for everyone in these supplements!”

bepic 3 pill system  for pain and weight loss (review from Connecticut, USA)

Story of Jennifer Daniele from New Haven, Connecticut:

“Long post ahead !!!… diagnosed a year and a half ago with ankylosing spondylitis (auto immune spine disease). Doc then said I think you’ve had rheumatoid arthritis for at least 7 years…. then a few months ago she says yup you have fibromyalgia now too!!! I need one more blood test to find out if I now have diverticulitis!!! Wtf!

Most days the pain was so fucking bad it hurt to even wake up let alone move ! I found nootropics and what they have to offer!! I have been through a Few of them.

But by far this has been the best that works for me is 3 pills system (magic beans as I call them )) I’m up and out more now. I can walk up and down the stairs with out falling or scooting my ass down so I don’t fall!!! I can go for walks longer than 10-20 mins with out dying and crying!!! Anxiety and depression always set in (this helps w that too)

When I first started all this i was in this for the health and pain help! But then I started melting away )) and that’s hard for me bc of all the shit I have I can not work out!! I was 198 lbs and in a size 16-18. I’m now in a 10-12 and under 170 !!! Been on this magical journey now since March !!! These pants were so tight I was literally like falling through the holes and top of the pants like cookie dough ))) so my face shows it all how excited I am that not only my pains levels way down and, I am losing inches and weight!! Yes I still have a ways to go now that I can lose weight but I’m super happy about how it’s going so far!!!”

“This has saved ME!!”

Bepic pills review from USA

Testimony of Kymm from Arizona, USA

“I’m in tears at the way my body is changing from the inside out!!!
I have laid in bed since 1999 with a back injury. I had 3 back surgeries in 8 months, two 6 days a part.
My bones hurt since I was young and my parents were told it was growing pains.
At 53 years old, almost 10 years ago they found my bones were too small, they didn’t form in places and they were brittle. When I did get up and go, it was like an animal that had been caged and then set free to roam and play. I would pay by heading back to bed.

Fast forward and here I am…pain free except my muscles that are getting worked. Bone pain and neuropathy from head to toe…GONE!! No more shocks to my eyes, face or anywhere.. GONE!!
No cigarettes, no caffeine except a cup of coffee because I love the taste. Only sugar is from fruit!!

I have juiced, detoxed for days and tried it all!!
This has saved ME!!
I went from not living and in constant pain to putting more miles on my legs and my car then I did in 10 years and I’M ALIVE and living!!”

Bepic 3 pills for neuropathy (real customer review)

Story of Denise Hill from Illinois, the USA:

“For the first time since I’ve had neuropathy I can honestly say my feet and hands feel so much better. I have neuropathy from cancer treatment 9 years ago. These 3 pills are a God send. I prayed and prayed that these 3 pills would help me at least a little.. they have…I can now go for walks. I don’t feel like I’m walking on jell under my feet

…I’m still taking pain meds for neuropathy but I have cut down so much .I am so happy to have be given the chance to try these… my eyes these are magic. I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of my life…so yes I am so grateful!”

BEpic Pills For Chronic Pain (real review)

Review by Tami Humphries:

“I have lived with pain in both of my feet MOST of my life.

I have had years of physical therapy, surgery, steroid shots, worn braces and orthotics daily, taken medications daily and the list goes on. At times this pain has been crippling and unbearable.

The Elev8 and Acceler8 have literally changed EVERYTHING for me! I can do things I haven’t been able to do in years!! I’ve enjoyed simply taking a walk, hiking, snowshoeing for the first time ever and I did not have any pain at all!”

BEpic Pills Against Chronic Pain (real man review)

Review by Francois du Plessis:

“I have lower back pain that causes painful pins and needles from hips to my toes. The doctor put me on a new medication (Pregabalin) to help with nerve pain. The first day I had extreme tiredness and did not take my green pill until the afternoon and I started to feel like myself again.

Day 2 I could not keep my eyes open at all after waking up. I felt confused and almost drunk. I fell asleep several times while my daughter was talking to me. But after I took my green pill my mind started to think better and the fog started to lift.

Another side effect of Pregabalin is constipation. I had it on day 1 but decided to take 2 purple pills in the morning on day 2 and 4 hours later that problem has been fixed. I’m truly grateful for these vitamins that’s getting me through the day while my body gets used to Pregabalin.”

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