Benefits of Elev8 / Acceler8 for Joints

The Elev8 / Acceler8 system can be of great benefit to the joints. People with arthritis or arthrosis may experience pain relief and improved joint performance. And almost all people feel that walking has become easier and more enjoyable.

Below are reviews of real people with joint problems who took dietary supplements Elev8 & Acceler8 by BEpic for joints.

Reviewed by Kim Young Flinn from USA, Texas

I have had extreme pain in my joints, knees and feet for over 6 years. When I get up from sitting after any period of time…I walk like I’m extremely old and feeble when I’m actually only 55.

THE PAIN IS GONE!!!! No joke!!!!

The past two days I have taken my dogs for a walk, twice daily for 30 minutes and I have the energy to do it. I’ve cleaned my house top to bottom in one day. Which was impossible to do in one day before I started this program. People if you have any doubts… don’t. Give it a try!!!

Melissa Cunningham’s testimony:

4 years ago I was given an antibiotic and had a major bad reaction. It caused major swelling in all my joints. It hurt to pick up my babies, it hurt to walk. If I tried to carry a gallon of milk my elbows hurt like crazy. I would cry at night because I couldn’t sleep, I hurt so bad.

One month of being on these magical pills, I am pain free! I had to redo a flower bed yesterday… lifting heavy bags of soil, 12 pound pavers and 25 pound concrete rounds. Not once did I stop because of pain! I went to sleep without pain and i woke up without pain!

I’m not making any medical claims, just sharing what b epic has done for me!! I am a lifer! I never thought I would be pain free!!

bepic elev8 vs joints pain

Camellia Brossard from the State of Washington tells:

So I realized today that for the last 2 weeks or so I haven’t had any joint pain from my arthritis in my knees, I’m having an easy time walking up and down stairs, I’m not stiff when I have been sitting for a long time, and I haven’t been taking my high dose NSAIDs at all‼

I owe it all to these 3 little BEpic pills that have helped me lose weight, sleep like a teenager, feel like myself again, and they have an all natural anti-inflammatory benefit.

b-epic pills vs arthritis pains

Molly Vaughn’s review about knees pain

“One year ago, I fell on the stairs and sprained my knee. It was slow to heal and quite the challenge with two small children and a new baby.

My knee ached on and off until March of this year, I would have good days and bad days with it. I started taking this high performance supplements in March, it’s the only thing I changed.

My knee has only ached twice since I started my supplements, both of those days I forgot my pills. So glad I found these supplements, they have so many benefits and I definitely appreciate that they help with my aches and pains.”

bepic pills for joints & knees ache (review)

Amy Brown’s story:

I am so thankful for these supplements. My friend introduced these to me back in April.

I have dealt with arthritis pain in my foot for as long as I could remember. I smashed my foot as a teenager and a side from that I have some other foot problems. I work in nursing so I’m constantly on my feet. After several shots, braces, meds and so on I ended up having to have foot surgery in January. I got told that I was born with a irregular connection to the bones in my feet causing some of my problems and arthritis.

I had the cast on then another form, then a boot then eventually I could walk on it. The worst pain. I honestly felt so lost because I thought surgery would of helped. I knew it wouldn’t cure everything and it helped some but didn’t take a lot of my pain away. I was out of work almost 3 months.

During that time my friend reached out to me telling me she just started up with B-Epic. So I tried the trial pack and I honestly wasn’t sure how I felt about it. So come May I decided to order because I wanted to see what a month did for me. A month later still not much change. I felt good but it wasn’t until 2 months in that I started noticing.

I felt like I was losing inches. I lost over 10 lbs and inches and I feel as though the longer I am taking elevate the more I am noticing the changes in me. Including it helping with arthritis pain in me. These and my other supplements I’m on are doing amazing things in me. I am healing my body from the inside out so the rest of me can heal. This weekend I was able to hike, jog Alittle and swing on the swings with my boyfriend like a teen again. 2 months ago I thought I’d have to give my whole life up.

Thankful for B-Epic. I am blessed to now be a partner with this amazing company.

bepic's elev8 vs arthritis (honest review)

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