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BEpic Elev8 pills vs Lupus

Lupus is a chronicle autoimmune disease in which the immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy cells. Symptoms include inflammation, swelling, and damage to the joints, skin, lungs, kidneys, heart, and sometimes blood. In fact, with lupus, the entire body is affected. Sleep is disturbed, weight control is difficult, and the risk of chronic fatigue increases.

BEPIС pills are not a cure for lupus, but their use (especially ELEV8) improves the general condition of the patient and allows you to more effectively fight the disease.

The following are reviews of real people with lupus.

bepic pills vs lupus (review)
Manda-Lynn Bunning from Alberta, Canada shared her story:

I have SLE (lupus). Those of us with lupus usually have fibromyalgia as well. Our body is in constant pain, inflammation and our brains have a hard time remembering things and in need of constant rest. Naps are a thing.

I have been struggling with chronic pain for 3 years. Diagnosed for 2 years right after my fiancé asked me to marry him. In the following 2 years, our relationship went through some major tests of adjusting to my disease. My son as well.

I was working a labor position, and coordinator for my division. Very much needed but here I was having to take more sick days then a normal person would. Migraines and pain so bad you sit in the tub 4 times a day to try to help it. What people don’t know is the medication your stuck on for life causes liver failure and blindness. This medication is to help slow the inflammation process of your major organs. Live longer they say.

Every day life for me was deal with the pain, smile, carry on, nap here and there and drink a pot or two of coffee to make it through.
Forget remembering anything, cause I had to have a sticky note pad to make sure I did. Constant lists.

My fiancé had a hard time with the change. Seeing me become depressed that my life was being taken over by ‘ don’t do to much or you’ll pay for that later’ when I was a very active person before. He has watched me suffer. Migraines, my legs giving out on me and him having to carry me to the tub, put me in bed and even dress me. God bless this man for staying.

I started Epic cause hey covid with autoimmune you are stuck at home and gained a bit. I was approved to take it on top of my meds so I ran with it.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought this was gonna happen: I can go an entire day without needing a nap half way through. Can clean house and not pay for it the next day. I am now able to focus enough with no sticky notes needed. I still only have two cups of coffee as aposed to one to two pots. I have dealt with stress normally! Usually any type of stress I flare up (swell, pain). This is huge!

This has changed my whole world. Best just over 3 weeks!

elev8 bepic vs lupus (testimony)
Review of Denene Torgenson from Utah:

Yes I was diagnosed six years ago. For those of you who have an auto immune disease, yes you know what I’m talking about when I say you have to fight every day for your energy levels.

For those of you who just fight with fatigue every day and feel rundown and tired no energy entering a stage of depression yes absolutely you need your energy levels build up!

I have found a product that has given me more energy I’m more focused with a better memory and happier mood!

When you find a product that works that not only gives you the focus and a good healthy energized feeling no dizziness no shakiness going on for absolutely you wanna keep it!”

Tammy from US said:

“Night and Day what a difference 2 weeks makes!
Love B-Epic these have changed my life. I’m off my steroids and have regained my life. I’m not exhausted all the time and pain is gone gone.

I’m so Happy!
Bye bye Lupus, Bye fibromyalgia!”

BEpic for lupus (review)
Heidi Dernbach‘s lupus review:

“I have lupus and other bad things. I have been taking the B-Epic supplements for about 9 months now.

The energy is amazing. Only have to take 1 nap during the day😊.
I have lost 20 lbs on them as well😊”

bepic 3 pills for lupus & Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder
Jamie Banasiak’s post:

“I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder, which has a mix of autoimmune issues, and Lupus being one. With BEpic pills I’ve noticed such a difference in the fatigue as well as the inflammation. Without the inflammation, the pain is not as bad as it was.

I’m a little over 30 days in 3-pill-system. I’m so thankful these supplements have not only helped me lose inches and weight, but has helped with such a nasty disorder.

Keep going!! You’ll be happy you did!”

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