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How much are bEpic products

You have several options for purchasing products of BEpic. They differ not only in price, but also in the safety level and the guarantees that you receive. See all BEpic prices and buying options.

Option 1. Direct purchase on the bEpic official website

bepic prices & money-back-30 days guarantee

This is the safest and most economical way to purchase products. You get the lowest prices and a 30-day money back guarantee. To order products at the lowest cost you need to enter the official BEpic website, register as a Preferred Customer and place your order. Payment can be made with Visa, mastercard, American Express, or Discover Novus.

Delivery inside the USA is carried out by the USPS service; to Canada, UK, New Zealand, Australia, Israel – by Landmark Global; to Philippines by LBC; to the South Africa, Denmark, Norway, France, Sweden, other EU & CIS countries – by the international DHL or GLS delivery services.

The Sign Up process is the same as in any online store.

B-Epiс company guarantees the acceptable expiration dates, as well as refunds within 30 days.

BEpic Prices: Full List

(excluding shipping)

3 Elev8 (90 Capsules) $99.95$109.95
1 Elev8 (30 Capsules) $49.95$59.95
1 Acceler8 (1 Month Supply) $59.95$59.95
2 Acceler8 (2 Months Supply) $99.95$109.95
1 Gr8 Kids (1 Month Supply)$49.95$59.95
2 Gr8 Kids (2 Months Supply)$89.95
1 W8 Magic Drops (1 bottle)$59.95$49.95
1 W8 Magic Caps (1 Month)$59.95$49.95
W8 Magic Caps+ Drops (1 Month)$89.95$99.95
1 Hydr8ation bottle (1 Month)$25.00$30
2 Hydr8ation bottles (2 Months)$50.00$60
1 Elev8+1 Acceler8 (1 Month)$89.95 $99.95
1 Elev8+1 Acceler8+1 Hydr8ation $99.95 $110
1 Gr8 Kids+1 Acceler8 (1 Month)$89.95
1 Acceler8 Sleep (30 capsules)$34.95$44.95
1 Acceler8 Restore (30 capsules)$34.95$44.95
3 Acceler8 Sleep (3×30 capsules)$89.95$99.95
3 Acceler8 Restore (3×30 capsules)$89.95$99.95
2 Rejuven8 bottles (2 Months)$109.95
1 Rejuven8 bottle (1 Month)$69.95$79.95
1 Rejuven8 + 1 Acceller8 $104.95
1 Rejuven8 + 1 Elev8$99.95
1 Gr8 Kids + 1 Elev8$89.95
1 Rejuven8 + 1 Acceller8 $24.95
1 Regener8 (30 Servings)$59.95$69.95
2 Regener8 (60 Servings)$99.95 
1 Allevi8 (30 touch Pads)$59.95$69.95
2 Allevi8 (60 touch Pads)$99.95 
2 Instaglove sanitizer$35$45
1 Regener8 + 1 Allevi8 (30 touch pads)$100.00
1 bottle of BImmune+ (60 pills)$59.95 $69.95 
2 bottles of BImmune+ (120 pills)$99.95 
2 canisters of B-Immune$99.95 $109.95 
2×15 BSlim$50$60
4×15 BSlim$89.95$99.95
2×15 BSlim+Acceler8 (60 pills)$89.95$99.95
1 NutriNRG (30 sticks)$49.95$59.95
2 NutriNRG (2×30 sticks)$89.95$99.95
1 B-Keto (30 sticks)$89.95$99.95
1 Royal Blue Tea (1 month supply)$49.95$59.95
2 Royal Blue Tea (2 months supply)$89.95$99.95
Blue Tea + BKeto + NutriNRG
(1 month supply)
Blue Tea + BKeto (1 month)$109.95 $119.95 
Blue Tea + NutriNRG (1 month)$89.95$99.95
1 B-Cardio (30 days)$50.00$60.00
2 B-Cardio (60 days )$89.95
1 ImmunoCode (30 days)$59.95$69.95
2 ImmunoCode (60 days)$99.95
1 ImmunoCode + B-Cardio$99.95$109.95
CBD Hemp Oil (1 fl oz bottle)$69.95$79.95
Nano CBD Roll-On (1 bottle)$59.95$69.95
Happy Dog CBD Oil for pets$24.95$29.95
CBD Hemp Oil + Roll-On$99.95$110
O2 Oxigen (1 month bottle)$39.95$49.95
1 B-Eco (for 100 gallons)$19.95
2 B-Eco (for 200 gallons)$34.95
3 B-Eco (for 300 gallons)$50.00
8 B-Eco (for 800 gallons)$110.0

Note 1: At the first order, a registration fee of $ 19.95 is added to the price for Independent Distributors.
For Preferred Customers, this fee is $0.

Note 2: Shipping cost for USA is $8.45, for other countries is $16.95 ($21.95 for large parcels)

Read about the difference between
distributor and customer here

Conclusion: Cheap and safe

Option 2. Purchase on Amazon or eBay

Price depends on seller’s wishes and may differ from bEpic prices. Usually it is higher than the manufacturer’s price, but it can be lower (of course, if products with an expired shelf life or damaged are sold).

Sellers on such sites bear only limited liability to the buyer, which is determined by the rules of these sites. BEpic cannot guarantee the quality of goods and refunds if you buy on Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and others.

Conclusion: More expensive but relatively safe

Option 3. Purchase on the sites of independent distributors

Many independent distributors buy products on the official website and sell them through their own websites. This is the most dangerous way to buy. Such sites have no liability to customers. In addition, they may require the input of payment card data. There are no guarantees that scammers will not receive this data.

Remember that buying on anonymous sites which require card details, you risk to get low-quality goods or lose all your money!

Conclusion: cheap but dangerous

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