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BEpic Trio: Epic Pack (Elev8 + Acceler8)

Elev8 and Acceler8 capsules (so called “Bmvmt epic pack“) are often referred to as “BEpic Trio” or “3-pill system” or “3-cap combo”. Strange name for two supplements, isn’t it?

Bepic combo - effects

What is BEpic’s trio?

In fact, everything is simple. Elev8 pills are green Elev8. In the package there are 30 pieces, for every day of the month. These capsules are taken in the morning.

Another supplement, Acceler8, contains pills in two colors – white Acceler8 Sleep and purple/burgundy Acceler8 Restore. White ones are for sound sleep, weight loss and the nervous system. Purple (close to burgundy) capsules are for restore, detox and nutrition of the body with useful substances. These capsules are taken before bedtime, together.

In total, you need three capsules for the whole day – green, white and purple Elev8 Acceler8 Sleep Acceler8 Restore, a magnificent trio to simplify wellness.

Why is it magnificent? Because besides the “trio” you will not need anything else – energy drinks, sleeping pills, other supplements, vitamins and many medicines. And they cost less than 3.5 dollars a day. Like a cup of coffee or an energy drink (which, in fact, won’t make you vigorous, much less healthy).

BMVMT Epic Pack

The best way to get Elev8 and Acceler8 is to order an BMVTM Epic Pack.


Combo Elev8 & Acceler8 pack
  • Energy, Weight Loss & Health
  • Only Natural Ingredients
  • 30 Elev8 + 60 Acceler8 Pills
  • Elev8/Sleep/Restore pill Daily


Customer Price

99.95 USD

Excluding shipping & international tax

Distributor Price

89.95 USD

Excluding 19.95 USD registration fee, shipping & international tax

BEpic Trio Benefits

The 3 BEpic pills (aka Epic Pack) do the following…

  • Improve overall health
  • Give more energy
  • Improve gut health and normalize body weight
  • Strengthen sleep
  • Provide more mental clarity to focus more
  • Improve mood and reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Calm you physically and mentally
  • Relieve headache
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Protect against the harmful effects of antibiotics
  • Give your daily vitamins, trace minerals and whole flood blends
  • …And also can be useful in various diseases…

17 Before-and-After pics

Elev8 and Acceler8: Differences & Similarities (Video)

YouTube video

BEpic Trio ingredients

Three capsules together (aka 3-cap system) contain more than 60 plants, herbs, Asian mushrooms, enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics, humic acids … everything is only natural.

Among them are plants with scientifically proven benefits (click to see):

….and many others. That is what you really need!

How to Use

Elev8 pills Elev8

Take the supplement 1 time per day, 10-15 minutes before breakfast. It is allowed to take this supplement during the day. but consuming it in the evening can cause sleep disturbances.

  • For the first week, take 1/3 capsule daily.
  • For the second week, take 1/2 capsule per day.
  • Take the whole capsule from the third week.

Drink Elev8 down with at least one glass of water, preferably two. In addition, it is recommended to drink more water than usual during the day.

Acceler8 pills Acceler8 Restore Acceler8 Sleep

Dosage for a day: 1 purple (may be burgundy) capsule and 1 white capsule half an hour before bedtime.

It is recommended to take white and purple capsules at the same time. Share the capsules into several parts (as is done with Elev8) is not recommended – the capsules contain live bacterial cultures that die with sunlight and air.

B Epic trio - Elev8 & Acceler8


(1) Epic Pack – 30 Elev8+ 60 Acceler8 (1 month supply)

  • For Preferred Clients: $99.95 (excluding shipping)
  • For Distributors: $89.95 (excluding shipping & one-time registration fee $19.95)

(2) 10 Sample 3-Day Packs (1 month supply; available for US only)

  • For Preferred Clients: not available
  • For Distributors: $99.95 (excluding shipping & one-time registration fee $19.95)

All “trio” prices

What do people say about BEpic Trio?

bepic pills transform lives (review from USA)

3 PILL SYSTEM TRANSFORMED OUR LIVES! We are on our 4th month. Never thought we would have before and after pictures like this! Here’s some of what we noticed:


  • Bad gut health
  • Bloating, Gas, Cramping
  • Not sleeping well
  • Anxiety and Irritability
  • Aged skin, needs nutrients
  • Craving junk, no taste for water
  • Weight plateau
  • Inflammation in face and body
  • Low energy, afternoon slump
  • Unable to sustain a workout


  • Good gut health
  • Less food sensitivities
  • Solid Deep Sleep
  • Mood Boost, Peace & Groundedness
  • Skin is brighter, less cellulite
  • Craving healthy food and water
  • Loss of stubborn weight
  • Homeostasis in body
  • All day sustained Energy
  • Excited to workout, focused and motivated

If you need a synergistically formulated combo of Energy, Mood boost, Gut health and Better Sleep with max Bioavailability Blend… this is totally it!

BEpic review from The United Kingdom
3 pills review by Rachael Evans, United Kingdom:

All thanks to 3 capsules which have:

  • improved my sleep ten fold (I went from 4-5 hrs of restless sleep to 6-7 hrs of solid sleep)
  • lowered my stress hormone
  • helped my mood and mood swings
  • reset my gut health
  • detoxed my body
  • helped my mental clarity and focus
  • given me loads of natural energy

Oh, and there may have been some weight loss.

Believe me when I tell you these capsules really can change your life!

B-Epic trio - action result (honest testimony from the USA)
Review by Jessica Jennings:

“The very beginning of 2020 started with me working 7 days a week, my children not sleeping through the night, in and out of urgent care, 5 rounds of antibiotics and steroids and antihistamines. Then a doctor told me I was gaining A LOT of weight and my BMI was way too high. I was sleep deprived. I was severely anemic. I was depressed. No amount of makeup and coffee could cover up the weight I was gaining, the dark circles and puffy eyes, or the exhaustion.

Then I found these supplements that changed my life. By April I was healthier, I was sleeping, I was eating better and feeling better, but I was still stressed and depressed. I reevaluated my life and quit my job and started focusing on my over health and well-being. You know what happened?

I started getting in some workouts and eating more healthy balanced meals. My kids started sleeping through the night. I started meditating and drinking more water and every day since I feel even better than before. I saw my doctor in September and he said I am the healthiest he has ever seen me! (He’s been my doctor for 13 years).
Today I am happy, I am healthy, my marriage is great, my kiddos are happier, I have found a whole tribe of people and I have found my passion, helping others get healthier, mind, body and soul.
In 10 months my life has flipped 180°! And it all started with 3 little pills getting nutrients into my body and ridding my body of toxins.”

bepic pills vs Baker Cyst, asthma
Char Baker shared her story:

Ok so here it is! The picture on the left was taken in March. The picture on the right was taken last night! I almost forgot what having a waist looked like! I have been on these amazing supplements since June 16th! I am not where I want to be but I’m heading in the right direction!

Up until two months ago I had a huge Bakers Cyst on the back of my knee the size of a golf ball. I could not barely bend my knee for months! Most days walking was painful and sometimes on days where I would limp because the pain was unbearable. The doctor was referring me to an ortho because he said it was so large that it needed surgery to get rid of it. I was concerned because a huge part of my job is walking. Also my hip pops out often and then my back goes out and I’m on my way to the chiropractor in pain! As of today my Baker Cyst is gone!!! My back and hip have not went out!!

I have year round asthma and my breathing has been great!! I want to tell you about these amazing supplements! I have more energy then I’ve had in years! After 10 hour shifts I can come home and not feel exhausted!

My mental clarity and mood balance is so much better! It’s amazing when we give ourselves the nutrients we need to help balance us physically and mentally.

The gut health is unbelievable! I don’t have a gallbladder so I was concerned because when you hear detox well! All I can say is wow! I’ve become normal now! It has taken my bloating down and balances my insides!!

The sleep…. amazing!!! At 46 I was going through what most women go through in their life! Hot flashes, night sweats ups and downs mentally and emotionally. Not anymore!!!

I truly feel better then I ever have!! If your on the fence being skeptical jump down and start your amazing journey! Don’t keep waiting start it today!

acceler8 elev8 pills by BEpic lead to slimming progress (testimony from the UK)
Gina Frazier Talburt told her story:

“I have been taking this amazing product since May 30th. It has changed my life for the better. Try it, if you want tons of energy, fantastic sleep, fast nail & hair growth, reduce stress, less anxiety and depression and so much more.

I have not change my normal daily habits or food choices and I continue to get healthy. The pictures are me at day 1 and today. Please don’t hesitate. I have gone down almost 4 pant sizes and 2 bra sizes. I have lost 12 lbs. The weight and inches lost is a huge bonus. This product has given me more clarity and focus also.

I no longer take naps during the day. My chronic pain is almost completely gone.You won’t regret making this decision.”

Bepic pills for heart problem (customer review)
Laurie Sutton from Kansas shared the following post:

“These 3 little pills have been such a lifesaver!!

After having my little girl 2 years ago I developed heart palpitations. They were so scary and would happen all day long. I tried everything and I mean everything to help my body regulate back to normal.

My doctor put me on medication that only made me a person that I am not!

When i was introduced to these 3 pills I was like…ok another product that will help this and that and so on…well I gave it a shot. Here i am a little over 4 months on the products and i don’t notice my heart palpitations anymore!!! This is huge!!!

No medical claims!! Just my body getting what it needed to regulate and get healthier with Epic Pack!”

Elev8 and Acceler8 testimony from UA
Donna’s opinion:

“Sleep!! Who needs to sleep better? That was me, and my husband, before we started taking Acceler8. I used to wake up in the middle of the night almost every night, toss and turn for an hour or so and eventually go back to sleep.

My husband would literally get up, go in the den for an hour or 2 and read so he could go back to sleep before our alarm went off. We would get up for work and feel so tired and sluggish In the last 6 weeks since taking Acceler8 we sleep through the night consistently! We wake up refreshed and ready to start the day. Add some Elev8 and we have energy all day!

These products have changed our lives and I am forever grateful to have found them!”

B-Epic trio review from Alberta (Canada)
Story of Tammy Williams from Alberta, Canada:

“So I started this product very skeptical… But I am proven wrong!!

  • I carry so much tension in my back I can’t lift my arms. Plus I have osteoarthritis in my shoulders.
  • I have planter fasciitis with heal spurs.
  • I have stomach bloat because I can’t go to the bathroom like normal people.

Ok well let me tell you my results.

I was very sleepy the first week because I never have had that kind of sleep. But now I am good. And sleep amazing.

I literally have tried everything on my feet. Dr’s. Chiropractor. Acupuncture. Specialists. Only THIS HAS STOPPED THE PAIN! I was walking to the kitchen barefoot. I never am barefoot always wearing special shoes. I was amazed it didn’t hurt. Two weeks in.

For the first time in fifteen years I could see my belly button!! So I am loosing inches!!

I love this system.
Easy. Affordable. All natural no synthetics.”

Donna Doan from Alberta wrote:

It was just 8 weeks ago that I lay in a hospital bed medicated into an induced coma. It started when I thought I had a bad cold / flu for 3 months before… On Dec. 30th I woke up and couldn’t breath. I was rushed to emergency and sedated and intubated. I was told I had pneumonia & 2 other viruses after coming out of coma.

I was on oxygen at home because there was so much lung damage ((. I was lonely and scared, it was -30 out …..

I went into 25 straight days of the worst anxiety (before this I’ve never had anxiety bad, they say all the coma drugs & almost death experience caused a form of PTSD). A nurse told me I was having a huge anxiety attack. My heart was going crazy and 5000 thoughts were racing through my head constantly. I was positive I was going to die. I could see my heart beating, it was going nuts.

Along with this happening the past 8 months has been hell with the worst and longest fibromyalgia attack I’ve ever had, the worst pain ever. I gained 30-40 lbs in the past 2 years. Brain fog, my memory was awful, anxiety through the roof, my planters fasciitis was so bad I had a hard time walking for almost 2 years etc. My hair was falling out like crazy. Hot flashes were back full tilt.

This is what happened in the past 11 days with B-Epic trio…
No anxiety, my heart is perfect, I have felt nothing … no fibromyalgia symptoms or pain at all after day 4. No foot pain (planter fasciitis) no restless legs, I don’t think I’ve been this happy or have had as much energy in 30 years! No more naps!
I’ve lost 7.6 lbs and 11 inches from my waist hips & chest. My hair has stopped falling out already & I have had 2 hot flashes in the first 3 day, none since !!! ))
I stopped taking my sleeping pill and am getting a way better sleep, feel way more rested. )) This is big, I’ve never been a good sleeper. I feel great.

I’m 56 and feel like 30!!!
There’s nothing better then this! WOW!
When I say life changing, I mean LIFE CHANGING! GRATEFUL!

3-pills combo

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