BEpic Members: Distributors and Preferred Customers

BEpic is a peculiar club of buyers. This means that products (Elev8, Acceler8, Hydr8, Gr8 Kids, bImmune, CBD oil & Gummies, Rejuven8) are sold only to registered members. Fortunately, anyone can become a BEpic member simply by registering on the company’s official website.

Of course, you can buy products through intermediaries, such as Amazon or eBay. But you must understand that in this case you are buying from sellers who themselves bought products from BEpic and now sell them to you. Of course, more expensive. In addition, you have no confidence in the quality and shelf life of the goods that the intermediaries will deliver to you.

Therefore, it is better to become a member of BEpic yourself and buy with a guarantee and at the lowest price, and even with the possibility of a refund within a 30-day period.

How to become a BEpic Club member

To become a member and buy its products at low prices, simply register (sign up) on the official website using the invitation code (aka Sponsor Code) of an actual member or his special registration link.

Detailed instruction and a registration link are here

Membership types

There are 2 types of BEpic members – Independent Distributors and Preferred Customers

On the official website of the Company it is indicated as follows:

Independent Distributors:

Distributors are individuals who wish to build a business with B-Epic, and provides a way for anyone to sign up as an affiliate of B-Epic, promoting your business you can generate income by sharing your experience with B-Epic, referring others and more. You will receive your own personal B-Epic replicated turnkey website to promote your new business, as well as be placed directly into the B-Epic pay plan system.

•    Refer others and build an organization
•    Personalized Turnkey Websites
•    Business and Training Tools for your business
•    Multiple ways to earn money building a business

Preferred Customers

Preferred Customers are individuals who wish to take advantage of our powerful product line without becoming a business associate. Preferred customers can take advantage of great prices and discounts, special offers, and order any time. 

•    Access to our incredible product line
•    Great Discounts on all of our products
•    Order tracking back office access

Independent Distributors or Preferred Customers – what is better?

So, Preferred Customer have the opportunity to buy at the lowest possible price, but they are not able to do legitimate business with BEpic. Distributors at the first order pay a slightly higher price, but they have the opportunity to create a network of buyers and make a profit.

The answer to the question – which type of membership is better – depends only on your goals. If you want to buy products only, become a Customer. If you want to earn, then become a Distributor.

How to choose a membership type

The type of membership is selected at the time of registration on the official website. At the very beginning of this process, after you select your country of residence, there are two green buttons for choosing the membership type.

Bepic membership types choosing

Later, Customer can change the type to Distributor. This is done in the back office (the login link)

However, a Distributor cannot become a Preferred Customer.