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B-Epic Sponsor’s Username (Code)

B-Epic Sponsor’s Username is code you need to create account on the company website and buy its supplements

In order to take advantage of the products and/or opportunity, you must be invited by a B-Epic member who will provide you with a sponsor username (aka Sponsor code). You may use our sponsor username (click to register as BEpic member) –


What is B-Epic`s Sponsor Code

To create own B-Epic website account and buy its products online as an Independent Distributor or a Preferred Customer, you need a Sponsor’s Username.

Sponsor code is the username of an active B-Epic’s distributor. Distributor chooses it when registering with the Company. You can only join the Company using the sponsor code or distributor’s referral link, in which personal sponsor code is embedded.

How do I find the username of a B-Epic distributor (sponsor)?

You can use this sponsor username: usabepic

or this referral link

A referral link is more convenient since you don’t have to manually enter the code. In addition, by clicking on the link, you immediately proceed to the registration and purchase process, bypassing the intermediate pages.

Please note that registration is done on the official BEPIC website. Register on unofficial sites should not be!

■ Read page Sing Up & Buy before registering. It will help you do everything quickly and correctly.
■ Remember that even if you register and place an order incorrectly, it is not dangerous. After all, you can always cancel it and get the money back in 30 days.

How to get own sponsor`s username?

When you register on the official B-EPIC website, you will be asked to enter your Username / Website name. This will also be your sponsor code.

bepic sponsor

In this example, the sponsor code for the new company member will be usabepic. A new member will be able to give this code to other people so that they can also register with bEPIС.

Who is a B-Epic sponsor?

A sponsor is a person or team who will receive commissions and bonuses from B-Epic, then when you make purchases on the official B-Epic website.

Getting bonuses is good, but there is a flip side to the coin. The sponsor is obliged to help you, advise, provide support. This is the sponsor’s duty.

If you use the sponsorship code pointed at the top of this page, it means that our team will be your sponsor. We will provide you with qualified professional support.

“Please confirm that your Sponsor is correct before proceeding” – what it means?

When you create an account on the BEpiс website, you will be prompted to confirm the sponsor’s name.

What does it mean?

A sponsor is a person or organization that is a partner of BEpic. Your sponsor can help you deal with various product issues, shipping, commission plans, and more.

When you register with BEpic, you should or enter the sponsor’s name, or click on the referral link, into which a sponsor’s name is already embedded.

Therefore, when you are prompted to confirm the sponsor’s name, either press the green button or enter another sponsor’s name (if you know it).

confirm bepic Sponsor's username