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Weight Loss with Elev8 & Acceler8

Weight Loss with BEpic

B-Epic pills are an effective way to optimize your weight. Elev8 and Acceler8, both together or separately, allow you to lose extra pounds and inches. Read more about BEpic weight loss pills!

Weight loss with BEpic pills is smooth, physiologically safe, with 4-10 pounds of weight loss per month.

At the same time, BEpic’s 3-pill-system strengthens and heals the body, and the emotional state of a person remains at a high level, in contrast to exhausting diets.

27 Before-and-After pics

Elev8 or Acceler8 – which is better for losing weight?

Although these capsules are best taken together, they are effective separately. Which is better? It depends on the cause of overweight .

Elev8 is best taken if overweight occurs as a result of endocrine diseases (especially often thyroid disease) and hormonal disorders.

If overweight is a result of digestive, metabolic, or sleep disorders, then Acceler8 is more effective.

If you suffer from joint diseases due to which you have insufficient physical activity, then Elev8 should be used for weight loss.

If you are overweight due to psychological stress, use Acceler8

If you are not active due to chronic fatigue, it is better to take both nutritional supplements together – Elev8 and Acceler8.
It is also better to use both supplements if overweight is caused by regular overeating.

If you are suffering from an unhealthy increased food craving, try adding B-Slim.
If you are on keto diet or exercising, try adding B-Keto
If your obesity has genetic reasons, try W8 Magic supplements

How it works

The reason most people lose weight with these supplements is changing their daily habits, normalizing hormone levels and sleep quality, plus stress reduction.

You will be overweight if you have constant stress and you are not sleeping well. This is a proven scientific fact (proof 1 proof 2). Therefore, when you take these BEPIC pills, then your stress level decreases, you sleep well and soundly, do not crave “junk food” and drink a lot of water. Therefore, you naturally lose weight.

Thanks to the extra energy that the pills give you, you can become more productive throughout the day. You will move more, perhaps even become engaged in physical exercises or take long walks daily. This also leads to weight loss.

A very important point is the normalization of hormone levels. Green pills bring your hormone levels back to normal, and it brings your weight back to normal (proof).

Among other things, these pills are an effective appetite suppressant. Once you start taking them, you will notice that you feel less hungry, and your cravings for food begin to decrease.

Even if you stop taking BEpic pills, your eating habits will remain healthier.

Reviews: Weight Loss With BEpic Supplements

Here are real stories of ordinary people who took bEPIC slimming capsules. Verified “before and after” pictures are attached.

Incredible weight loss with B-Epic supps
BEpic supplements for weight loss (review by Jamie Stockman):

…For years I thought it was all about my weight but am slowly realizing it wasn’t all about that.

It was tiring and watching others enjoy life going on fairground rides or doing things with there children which I would watch and not do just bacouse I was to fat to do them or because I couldn’t run in the parents race at school sports day.

So the only thing I could do was change. So got my body ready for something drastic. The good supplementation was key to me and has helped me get where I am today.

I ran the frigging marathon fueled by great supplements and major weight loss. BEpic not only gave me my life back but it has added years to it for me to enjoy more things. To spend extra days on this beautiful earth!

Slimming with 3 Bepic pills
3 pills review by April Johnson from Mississippi, the USA:

“1 year ago my life changed.

I found these supplements and I no longer wanted to stay in bed all day! I could finally keep up with my kids and actually want to go outside and play with them!

I sacrificed snacking(mainly because my appetite was suppressed) and cut out sodas! I drank my water and I gave this system a REAL chance to work for me!

83 lbs total in one year!”

Review on Bepic's Elev8, Acceler8, and B-Keto for weight loss
Story of Amy Flanigan from WA, the USA:

“25 pounds makes a HUGE difference on me! I don’t exercise (very sporadically) SOUND the alarms my waist is BACK! I eat pretty much the same!

I used to say I ate low carb but who was I fooling? I drank alcohol often (look at my bloated alcohol gut on the left on a trip) I was living it UP big time and my body showed that!

So yes, I’ve stopped drinking alcohol AND I’ve been using Elev8, Acceler8, and BKeto and my world changed!

Remember…..25 pounds will not come off in a month or even 2! That’s a lot of fat and a lot of weight my supplements had to burn off for me! It took TIME! 9 months and I’ve maintained for 2 more (BKeto helped me drop another 5) for a total of 25 pounds!

I am stoked! I try to eat lower carb and I intermittent fast (I only eat from 11am-7pm each day. I drink a gallon of water a day”

Bepic 3 pills & Bketo for fast weight loss (review)
Review by April Johnson from Florida, the USA:

“8 months ago I was drowning in life and motherhood. I had tried EVERYTHING for more energy.. shakes, pills, patches, vitamins, B12 shots, you name it! I decided to give ONE MORE thing a try and forever grateful I did! ????????

Not only did these supplements give me the energy to chase 4 kids, homeschool, run a business, keep up on my house AND still make time for ME .. They also helped me lose the extra weight I’d been carrying around for 5+ years!

50pounds gone in 4 months. I had stalled a bit for a few months ( not complaining as I wasn’t even dieting or exercising!). Started bketo last month and knocked off another 10 pounds ????????

So grateful to feel good again!”

Elev8 & Acceler8 pills - man slimming result
BEpic pills review by Richie J Vanwormer from Michigan, the USA:

“Don’t let anyone tell you these products don’t work.

I’m going into my 8 months here in a few day. I’m down 50+ pounds. And now toning up.

Never had so much confidence, best moods in my life and energy, sleep.

These changes my life. Believe me when I tell you this.”

Result of slimming with Bepic pills
Paula Lynn’s result:

“I have been on Bepic 3 amazing supplements for 8 amazing months! All I can say is I am in love with these 3 little capsules. These capsules work. I have so much energy, helps with the cravings and I sleep so good. If you are on the fence…. just try it!! Do this for YOU!!

I am really excited that I will be continuing using these and adding in a new ketones product that my company launched too!!!

I’m getting my summer body!!!”

BEpic pills for appetite suppressant (before and after pictures from Florida)
Review by Clarissa Young, Florida:

“Super excited to say that I finally have my appetite under control. When I first started the supplements in June I didn’t notice the appetite suppressant and I couldn’t get the scale moving, but I was losing inches like crazy.

I later found that I wasn’t drinking enough water. After increasing my water the scale is now moving. I am 20 pounds down and my appetite is better than ever!

My stress levels are down. I am actually playing games with the kids and not extra fussy with my husband.

My energy is thru the roof and I no longer need a bunch of extra products to keep me going thru the day!”

Juana Rangel Garcia from Texas shared her observations:

“I have been on BEpic 3 amazing supplements since May 2020. Take B-Epic pills green morning, purple and white before bed. All I can say is I am in love with these 3 little capsules.

My start weight was 225 and I’m down to 198. Size 20 pants to a size 15. I have so much energy, it helps with the cravings, no more tiredness and I sleep so good!

These capsules work.”

b-epic pills for weight loss (review with photos)
Samantha from New Jersey talks about her BEpic results:

“This is definitely not easy to post…
I have not seen this number in 4 years. In the past 5 years I have undergone 2 back surgeries, a liver surgery and numerous steroid injections in my back which led me to packing on the pounds .
On January 13th I started my journey with #Bepic and cleaner eating. And now 4 1/2 mos later I am proud to say I crushed my goal of getting under 200!!

I’ve lost a total of 45 pounds (SO FAR), 17 inches (last time I measured) and went from a size 18 to a 12 )))
I have along way to go before I get where I want to be but its a Day by Day process and I don’t look at it as a diet but a healthy lifestyle change”

b-epic pills for weight loss (review)
Christy Archibek shared this post about BEpic pill weight loss effect:

“I feel 15 years younger, I no longer have body or joint aches, I don’t hurt, my cycles are normal for the first time in my life, 2 months in a row, this in itself is worth it’s weight in gold! I feel more alive, energy, patience with my kids and a sense of calm. I don’t work out but again, I’m more active most days.

I try to do an evening walk or bike ride as much as the heat allows! Oh, I even crashed my bike and literally got up, walked it off, 2 nasty bruises on my body, another minor on my hand and a cut up elbow. The following morning was like I didn’t hit the ground and bounced at all! I felt like I was 5! It was crazy!!

No pain or discomfort throughout the day and gradually felt better almost back to walking normal. This is a norm for me so, it’s nice to recover much faster and with no discomfort!!! I have all my appetite control these are truly magical!

I’m happier, easier going, less stressed, feel calm and have more tolerance! Zen almost )) I’ve NEVER slept like I am now!!!

I’m down 22 lbs & 5 paint sizes! My clothes fit extremely different thanks to the detoxing and I’m regular for the first time in my life!! I absolutely love the new me!!”

BEpic pills for weight Loss (before and after pictures from Missouri)
Amber Henry from Missouri shared her testimony:

“I started this system because I was hurting, a lot, and often. I started this because I was exhausted, crashing, at various times throughout my every day. I started this because I was maxed out with everything I had to manage, I was often annoyed, and I wanted to change that dynamic. These images below represent how much better I feel now.

With this in play, I feel like I am… a better mom, а better wife, more capable in my career, more productive at home. I’m patient. I’m energetic. I’m clear headed and optimistic. I’m making healthy choices by default. I’m feeling better as much as I’m looking better.

In case you don’t recognize it… You deserve your best you. You are worth the investment. Your growth benefits everyone around you when it happens and that’s reason enough to change things up.”

bepic review from Idaho
Before-and-After BEpic
Review by Dana Renae from Idaho, US:

“I’ve been on the system for less than two months!

I went from 142lbs to 119lbs!! And trust me it’s not just the weight loss, but the extra energy, mood boost, better sleep plus so much more!

These pills are like no other!”

b-epic elev8 green pills for fast weight loss with progress (pics)
Testimony of Connye Hiracheta from the USA:

“I am 55 and have been thru and still going thru menopause.

You can not tell me these 3 pills do not work!! The left was taken June 6th, 2020 and the right was taken today October 17th.

My favorite of the 3 is the white pill! Day 3 and everyday since then I have had the best sleep ever!!! I never realized how bad I slept.

I walk at work and try to do 10 flights of stairs. Sometimes I reach 6,000-10,000 steps a day. I find my arms are losing the bat wings! Which I am very happy with”

Review from Colorado, the USA on bepic-pills (before & after pics inside)
Heather Ann Vargas from Colorado, US, wrote:

“These jeans have been in my drawer since February 2020.
I purchased them from a friends boutique, 3 sizes too small on purpose. I was on a mission to fit in them before the year was over!!

In Feb I couldn’t even get them over my butt!!! Yesterday, your girl here slipped on those gorgeous bells, buttoned and zipped and I stood in awe at myself in a mirror for probably an hour!

I took them off and double checked the size… Holy shit, holy shit … they are a size 14!?!?! I was wearing a size 18/20 in Feb!!

I was so emotional! I haven’t been in a 14 since my early 20’s!!

Don’t get me wrong, I have more work to do, but I also want to say;

I haven’t “lost” weight in a few weeks, but, my clothes had been fitting looser, I still felt amazing and like a rockstar everyday! And to think what I changed was 3 simple capsules and that’s it!!!”

bepic's capsules:  weight loss review by woman from US
Madigan Hylton’s story:

“We lost my mother in law to brain cancer at the end of 2019 and let myself go, gained so much weight and felt miserable about myself. I have tried what seems like everything there is on the market to lose weight and nothing worked.

I have been on B-Epic pills for 29 days and feel absolutely AMAZING! I have lost 20lbs so far and the bloat is disappearing. I can finally sleep. I have the energy to go running, keep up with the day and no afternoon crash!

If you are on the fence, just decide to go for it! It’s more than just losing weight, its feeling great about yourself and gaining that self confidence you lost along the way.”

B-Epic 3 pills system for health & weight loss (pics)
Reviewed by Monica Ramos:

“Feeling good.. feeling great!!!

I had tried everything! From the grocery store to “high end” products. Felt like I had to buy a different vitamin for every little thing.

Then my friend told me about these “magic beans” didn’t think they’d work but here I am months later loving them!

I’m a mom again, a sister, a daughter, a friend.. a functioning human!
I’m NO longer dragging, irritated, overly stressed, boated, lack of self confidence, tired from tossing and turning. Just my personal experience, results may vary.”

b-epic magic capsules: weight loss review from Illinois, the US
Stacy Garrison from Illinois, US shared her epic story:

“I’m 45yrs young and this is my experience…

Last year menopause hit me like a freight train. I was EXTREMELY tired all the time, withdrawn from my family, depressed, hot flashes, uncontrollable cravings, being super emotional, and ALL the weight gain. In a year I went from 170lbs to 220lbs. No matter what I did or tried NOTHING worked. A coworker took this picture of me back in January, I didn’t recognize myself and I was ashamed at how I looked.

A friend of mine, Angie made a post about an opportunity. Of course she peeked my interest. So in March I got off the fence and tried these magic pills. To my surprise I felt the crazy energy and then the weight started to fall off! My eating habits changed as well cause I crave all the healthy foods and I drink a gallon of water a day easily. I feel better than I ever have in years, emotionally, mentally and physically!!! I have lost 55lbs from March to August and countless inches.”

Elev8-Acceler8 review pics
Renee’s review:

“13 days!!! This is mind blowing!!! I’m doing this journey with my son Billy.
Elev8, Accerller8 ,Hydr8tion and 1/2 my weight in oz of (water) here is what I’m getting:
– less hungry (don’t snack)
– flooded energy
– mental clarity
– AMAZING sleep!!!
– 10 lbs lighter in 13 days

Hello the inches are clearly visible! You won’t regret it!”

b-epic's Elev8 & Acceler8 pills for a natural way weight loss (review)
Testimony by Danica Hamilton from Virginia, the USA

“I went to the Dr 2 days ago. I stepped on the scale AND….
I was 196!!!

I haven’t been this weight since BEFORE my 1st pregnancy over 6 YEARS ago!!!

The nurse asked me if I was ok because she could see the shock on my face!!

I have TRIED everything before this trio. Shakes, wraps, EXPENSIVE supplements, weight loss pills, EVEN a $200.00 a week weight loss clinic.

NOTHING has helped me loose the weight in a HEALTHY WAY so it doesn’t pile back on.

STOP wasting more time! Jump on this Powerful TRIO TODAY.
Better health awaits. I will forever be so grateful!”

weight loss with bepic 3 capsule system (review from Maine, US)
Testimony by Victoria Gordon Keene from Maine, the USA

“So proud of my husband!

I still can’t believe these were last summers swim trunks. Mark does our 3 capsule system and has for 9 months, has cut down on carbonated beverages and drinks almost a gallon of water every day.

This is not a medical claim just my husband’s journey so far and in his words he is never looking back.”

b-epic's elev8 hump and weightloss effect
Marina’s Review of weight loss with BEpic:

“My name is Marina, I am 59 years old. I have been taking B-EPIC products for 10 months. During this time I lost 15 kg (33 lbs). This winter I did not suffer from colds, that is, my immunity strengthened.

In addition:
Intestines restored
– I had a hump because of salt accumulation. Now it has resolved.
– My nails and hair got stronger
– No chronic fatigue
– I feel a lot of strength and energy
Migraine no longer bothers

I’m so happy!!!

Bepic 3-cap system weight loss results

Maria Young’s review about her weight loss:

“I have hid from the “full body poses” for a long ass time! Why?! Because I was embarrassed of how I looked. Even if you saw me in person you saw my whole body clothed and all, but I, of ALL people shyed away from something.

Now, I don’t. Take all the pictures you want to! Don’t put me in the back row, even though I am 5’9″! I want to be in the front row! I don’t have to suck anything in. I don’t have to do that weird lean. I don’t have to wear bigger clothes to hide my sides or rolls. My double chin is gone. My face fat is gone. My love handles are almost completely gone. My boobs are shrinking too.

That left side picture is from our Holiday Party November 2019 at my home with all our friends and employees and I wore that big long ass sweater to try and hide my 220 pound self! In a size 18 bottoms, 38DDD bra, and 2XL tops!

That right side picture is yesterday August 27, 2020 at 189 pounds size 12 bottoms (which are even big now), size Large juniors top and a 34DD bra!”

B-Epic 3 pills system weight loss
BEpic weight loss pills review by Danielle J Lee:

“In the summer of 2018 I went to a nutritionist after YEARS without weight loss. I was eating 1400 calories a day & counting macros. I was also working out daily with NO results. Literally killing myself. I knew something had to be really messed up! I spent the entire summer seeing this nutritionist and she put me on a SLEW of supplements. I was spending $565 a month on these supplements to cure my adrenal fatigue. And it was helping. I started to see results.

However, my bank account was DRAINED. I continued to use these supplements because they balanced my gut health and I was seeing results.

Then I came across B-Epic supplements. EVERY supplement I was taking before is an ingredient in this 3 step system. So not only is the weight still off, but I’m saving almost $500 a month and taking 3 pills vs 12!

Praise this system! Affordable and effective!”

bepic's Elev8 & Acceler8 pills effect (results from Iowa, US)
Kayla Price from Iowa USA wrote the following:

“Just under four months on the product with one week off. I’ve been able to quit smoking, quit drinking coffee and quit napping.

If I wake up and don’t take my green pill right away, I FEEL anxious. IT IS A GAME CHANGER.

So much goodness in these three little capsules, wish I could just give them to everyone I know and love.

If you’re on the fence, ask yourself why? Is it because you’ve tried all the shakes and wraps and drinks before and you’re done? Because I’ve been there but seriously what’s ONE more thing to try? What if that one thing could be the one thing to change your life!”

BEpic review from Pennsylvania
Lisa P Donnelly from Pennsylvania shared her BEpic experience:

“So many changes the past 13 months!

  • My hair has grown 8 inches
  • I have lost 24 inches and 35 pounds
  • I’m aging in reverse
  • I’m sleeping 8 solid hours every night
  • My body fat is under 20% for the first time since birth
  • Went from size 12 jeans to size 6
  • My midsection FLUFF is shrinking
  • I’m turning 57 and the healthiest I’ve ever been

Organic Nutrition is a game changer when you let it work. I’ve always had a clean eating diet and I’ve always exercised, but this is the first time I’m seeing results!”

Sheila Sommers’s BEpic testimony:

“I’ll take the pounds lost but I’ve gained so much more!
Energy, focus, happier (is that possible!), better eating habits, joints don’t hurt, no inflammation, quality sleep, losing fat, no hot flashes, pulling them smaller size clothes out of the closet.

LOVE this product – it’s for all ages; men, women, teenagers, kids, moms and dads, grandpas and grandmas.

This product has replaced all my other supplements and it’s saving me money each month!

Bepic's 3 pill system for weight loss (review from Canada)
Carrie Marshall from Canada shared her weight loss story:

This picture is from my first 13 weeks on the system.

I started this system because I started struggling with my weight 2 years ago. It didn’t seem to matter how well I ate or how much I worked out. I wasn’t losing, in fact I was gaining.

I’ve been on this amazing 3 supplement system for 4 months now. I’ve lost a total of 26 lbs and 18 inches (in my hips, waist, and bust).


PackFor DistributorsFor Customers
Elev8 (30 pills) + Acceler8 Restore (30) & Detox (30)89.95 USD99.95 USD
10 Sample 3-Day Packs (1 month supply))99.95 USD
Shipping cost and custom fees (for international orders) are not included

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