Elev8/Acceler8 after Stroke

Stroke is one of the most serious health problems that completely changes the patient’s lifestyle. Recovering from a stroke is a long and difficult process. Fortunately, BEPIС pills combo – Elev8 & Acceler8 – can significantly speed up and facilitate stroke recovery.

Read reviews from real people who have had a stroke.

Bepic pills  Elev8/Acceler8  for restoring after stroke (real customer review)

Review on Elev8/Acceler8 by Loren R Eddings:

“There are so many AMAZING things I’m receiving from these supplements.

I had a stroke May 30 2019 and only ON these supplements am I back to my old self mentally, emotionally, and energy-wise that I was BEFORE the stroke. I am also sleeping for the first time in my life! I’ve only ever gotten 3-4 hours of sleep a night, but now I’m sleeping 7-8 hours easily.

What am I doing?

I’m on the 3 pill system, I take the Green in the AM, I just moved to take the Purple an hour later (it helps with my digestion better), the White pill at night about 45 minutes before I want to sleep.

I drink the proper amount of water for myself and that has made a TON of difference.

I’m IN SHOCK over the difference. I can NOT believe the difference!”

B-Epic 3 pills  combo Elev8/Acceler8  for restoring after stroke (real customer review)

Reviewed be Karen Dwyer from Canada:

“I’m 53, I’ve had four strokes and 11 concussions so I have a lot of brain issues. I have type 2 diabetes, PCOS, arthritis, hypertension and fibromyalgia. I’ve felt old for many years.

The first month with the magic beans is in the books….. Purple and white before bed, green when I get up

  • I have gone from an average of 2 hours sleep per night to 7.5 or more
  • My pain is almost gone.
  • I haven’t had a headache in weeks
  • Bloating is gone unless I eat something that aggravates it
  • I’m getting strength and mobility back in both shoulders (with torn rotator cuffs)
  • My brain fog is clearing and my memory is improving
  • Balance is returning
  • Energy levels increasing
  • Haven’t fallen lately
  • I feel human again

Yay for B-Epic!”