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BEpic pills for seniors

Dietary supplements are especially important for the elderly. At an older age, the body is especially picky about the quality of nutrition of its cells. But as you enter your 50s, hormonal changes make hitting your body’s “target quotas” for certain vitamins and minerals increasingly difficult. In addition, muscle growth is reduced, allowing fat to take over and causing a drop in metabolism.

Elev8 / Acceler8 dietary supplements are well established as a way to maintain high activity and wellness in old age.

Read real-life reviews on how BEpic pills affect seniors and help them stay healthy and energized.

b-epic pills for the elderly (photo and review)

Sue Kiple from Texas wrote:

“This is my beautiful momma and I need to share this… she’s 70+ and looks amazing!!

She’s on her 4th month of capsules and loving them. Her energy has been great (no afternoon naps), she’s walking 30 minutes a day, sleeping great and feels great (so much less pain)!!

I’m happy to report she’s now down 4 lbs. In 3 days!!!
In her own words, “Epic works so much better when I eat properly! Who would have thunk!”

bepic pills for senior (review from USA)

Timothy J. Strahan said the following:

“Hi everyone! I’m 74 years old. At this age, you hope for change but don’t always expect it! I know these supplements are supposed to be good for you, but I didn’t realize that I would get my life back!!!

Sleep apnea used to keep me from getting any good sleep at night. I used to wake up sometimes every single hour during the night. To start my day, I would wake up, use the bathroom, then go back to sleep for 2 hours. When the afternoon came, I would fall asleep again in the middle of my afternoon tv shows. NOW I DO NOT TAKE A NAP!

I have more energy than I can remember. I am keeping up with the little grandkids now! Even with an artificial leg that I had to get due to my diabetes, I have the motivation and energy to go for walks!

Also, my sleep has improved and I only wake up about 3 times a night but fall immediately back to sleep! I used to have a difficult time getting to sleep, so I would stay awake until 3 AM. Now I go to bed around midnight and wake up to enjoy the day at about 8 am.

I highly recommend them.”

Barbara Crawford's Elev8 review

Review by Barbara C. from Texas, the USA:

“I am 78 years young, and being of that age, I have experienced many surgeries, syndrome, and conditions. I do not have a gallbladder, or a thyroid. I have sleep Apnea, Narcolepsy, Fibromyalgia, overweight, arthritis, and Digestive disorders.

I have more energy than I have had in many years. I sleep through the night and actually wake up refreshed, ready to get up about 90% of the time. I do not have the joint pain and stiffness that I have had for years.

I’m not where I want to be in weight yet, but feeling so much better. I feel it will happen.”

Elev8 pills for seniors (real review from Texas)

Lance Heitz from Texas tells about his BEpic experience:

“I’m a professional farrier and have been for 20+years. Yes it requires a lot of energy plus fast recovery.

I could not believe, that 3 little pills could deliver ample of both. The sustained energy with no jitters far exceeded my expectations. That alone was enough to keep me as a customer. Add to that a deeper sleep which we all know is the key to recovery, plus pre and probiotics to aid digestion and burn fat while you sleep.

These 3 little pills make up the winning trifecta in my health and wellness regiment !! I’m definitely 100% EPIC !!”

bepic 3 pill system for seniors rejuvenation (real result)

Barry Monteiro, 65:

“About 1 month now on the 3 pill system. Got started to see if I could improve my gut health.

I started noticing changes within the first week. My midsection ‘tire’ started deflating from the purple pill’s detox and gut health formula.

The white pill makes me sleep like a baby. Haven’t missed a night of taking it since I started.

I use half of an energy green pill in my morning shake. Feels like enough for me on top of my morning coffee.

Although losing weight was never an important goal for me, I have lost 5 pounds which puts me at my optimal weight for extreme sport activities.

I feel a lot ‘lighter’, more energized and I’m ready for my next kiteboarding adventure coming up next month. Im 65 and feel almost 40 again! The support in this group is amazing!”

Bepic 3 pills regime for seniors (pics)

Lynn Avenson Lewis shared her BEpic experience:

Hey all!! Just want to give you an update on my health journey! I’ve been on a 3 supplement regime over a period of 6 months.

During these past months, here are the changes I have noticed….

  • Energy level up
  • Mood great
  • Anxiety/depressing thoughts gone
  • Sugar cravings gone
  • Craving nutritious foods
  • Sleep is grand
  • Water is my main beverage
  • Some weight loss
  • No more chocolate cravings

Health-wise, I have struggled with Hashimotos Disease, PseudoTumor Cerebri and kidney stones. Weight loss and drinking sufficient water is the “cure” for my issues.

From all the other diets I have tried, I have learned from them. What I found in my circumstance is that I had been an emotion-eater with no willpower, which the other diets did not fix. I would eat when happy, eat when bored and eat when stressed.

No longer do I eat…or rather overeat…because I don’t crave food! I now only eat when hungry.
I don’t steal my husband’s ice cream sandwiches, Hostess DingDongs or HoHos or eat a whole carton of ice cream in 2 sittings.
I’ve also been saving money!!

*I don’t need to go to the coffee shops.
*Eating less
*No fast food restaurants
*Not buying junk foods


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