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B-Epic Elev8/Acceler8 Pills Reviews (Vol. 2) - Depression, Insomnia, Fatigue, Anxiety, Lupus, Weight

B-Epic Elev8/Acceler8 Reviews (Vol. 1)

“I feel happier”

B-Epic testimony from Canada

April Beaulac from Canada says:

“So Day 36 on my products and I’m down 15.2 pounds. But these products aren’t just for weight loss… With these products, I have had the following results:

  • anxiety gone, depression lifted
  • sense of calmness all day. I feel happier. No mood swings in the past 14 days
  • increase in energy
  • lowered my blood pressure
  • lessened my daily aches and pains I usually wake up with
  • sleeping mostly through the night. Waking once to pee
  • I feel overwhelmingly grateful
  • less frequent migraines
  • short temper and irritability gone
  • PMS symptoms lessened
  • no more brain fog & better focus
  • lessened symptoms of ADHD and Fibromyalgia

My son is on Gr8Kids and is noticeably less short tempered, more focused and less irritable. His autism symptoms have lessened as well. ADHD is more manageable.

If you are on the fence, these products are the real deal. You have nothing to lose! There is a 30 day money back guarantee….but I’m sure you wont be returning them.”

Weight loss … and more (testimonial)

epic 100% Elev8/Acceler8 pills for weight loss (review)

Reviewed by John Oberhansley from Utah, USA

“I’ve been extremely obese for longer than I care to remember. Because of this every aspect of my life has suffered. Family, work, health, and most importantly self-esteem. My life has been in the toilet.

I have suffered from depression, severe asthma, extremely low energy, sleep apnea, and I was lucky to get 4 hrs of sleep in a stretch.

When asked to try B-Epic I admit I was desperate to try anything.

The first thing I noticed was the energy I had during the day. I couldn’t believe how good I felt. I was getting through the day without feeling like total crap. And then I went from 3 to 4hrs of sleep to 7, and now I wake up feeling great. I never had the energy before to exercise, and now I am walking 3 to 4 miles per day and I just feel amazing. These products have helped me in so many ways, Honestly I love the weight loss but that is really secondary to all the other benefits I have got from this product.

I would recommend if you are having trouble in your life to try these pills. This is truly been a life changing experience.”

How mom saved her son’s life

bepic 3 pills system review from Canada

Review of Billy’s mother Alannah:

Meet my son Billy! 36 years YOUNG.

The pictures on the right were in December when he was admitted to the hospital because he literally could’t breathe! In addition, he kept falling in the middle of the night as he couldn’t stay awake from exhaustion! He even fell asleep at the wheel (no one was hurt).

His carbon dioxide levels were at 63% and if you’re in the medical field you know that is dangerously high. His oxygen level was coming in 50% when he was sleeping and around 75% when he was awake.

Two days later they released him from the hospital and that night he got up in the middle of the night and fall from exhaustion because he couldn’t sleep, he ended up back in the hospital with nine staples in his head after hitting a wall.

I knew then, something had to be done. I was a desperate mama and I was not going to stop until he was better! I vowed to myself I was going to get my son healthy no matter what it took!

The doctors told him that if he did not do something about his weight he wasn’t going to be around much longer. I kept searching high and low with so many different diets. We even considered weight loss surgery.

I went on a mission and I searched daily! It was till my friend reached out to me and share this amazing product. I couldn’t believe it! It all sounded too good to be true.

The pic on the left is my son today.
As I type this and tears stream down my face I’m so happy to say!

He lost 3 pounds overnight. He slept almost 8 hours, he feels more alert , focused and he has been on the system for only a week now and he is down 18 pounds. YES! 18 lbs.
He had to go down a belt loop AND a pant size and for the first time in months he was cleaning his grill outside today because he could breathe with an abundance of energy!
His oxygen is at 95 %

Thank you for saving his life! We are forever grateful!!!

b-epic pills review (anemia, diabetes, cholesterol, hormones)

Pam Ezell Howell from Kentucky shared her review:

“I got all my blood work results back today and my results are amazing. I have high blood pressure, high triglycerides and cholesterol ( it has been as high as 610), diabetes, anemia. My weight is down 33 lbs, my triglycerides are below 200, my cholesterol is below 200, my A1C is down below 7 and my anemia is gone. I am so impressed with my results.

This has been an ongoing struggle since 2016 when I was diagnosed. I’m off of hormones that I was on due to a full hysterectomy, down to 250 mg of my diabetes medicine instead of 500 mg. My cholesterol and triglycerides have been sky high for nearly 20 years. They have tried every medicine out there and it is normal now. They said it was hereditary. Guess not. Anyway, I said all this to let you know, if I can do it you can too. You really need to jump on board and get started today. You will be a believer, I know it!”


Natalya Volkogonova, former bodybuilder from Russia says:

“I am very happy that this cellular nutrition appeared in my life. Thanks to it, I finally live in full force and feel like I have never felt before.

These products fill our cells with health. I recommend them to everyone!

Incredible results!”

bepic 3 capsules for skin beauty (before and after pics)

Sonya Head from Colorado, the USA shared her testimony:

“So I’m getting personal here and posting pics of my skin, no filter. The healed pic of my skin is facing the window in my room this morning. This is uncomfortable for me to share because I don’t let anyone see me without makeup!

I had several allergic reactions to some make-up this past spring. The rashes wouldn’t go away completely and I have had several flair-ups. It made my skin red, itchy, felt like it was on fire, gave me dry patches and made wrinkles appear around my eyes because whatever was in the make-up damaged my skin.

I went to my doctor several times and then to the dermatologist. The creams and meds they gave me did not help at all. I was getting discourage because I did not like the appearance of my skin anymore.

I truly believe that the only thing that has helped my skin are these amazing supplements! My skin has never looked this clear and bright. My rash is gone and the skin around my eyes is pretty much back to normal. Fingers crossed that these reactions are a thing of the past. No new rashes! These 3 magic capsules blow my mind!! You cannot beat all the benefits of these supplements for the price!”

“I see a girl who is truly happy with herself”

bepic 3 pills review

Jamie Fancher’s review:

I hated having my picture taken. I was getting ready for a job interview on February 19th in the picture on the left. I vividly remember crying and being disgusted with the way I looked and the way my clothes felt I asked friends for help on choosing which outfit I should wear hence the picture.

I started these products on March 7th. Fast forward to the photo on the left it was taken May 20th. I am down a total of 21 pounds and so many inches. It’s so much more than the weight it’s a mind set.

The girl on the left she hated getting dressed sweats/yoga pants tshirts and oversized hoodies was her go to. She was sometimes angry and depressed. She was anxious and stressed. Not anymore! The photo on the right I see a girl who is truly happy with herself.

I wake up every day and notice something else that these products have helped me with from getting over a hangover to my hair growing and my nails being stronger. Not eating crap all the time or even wanting to eat all the time. I sleep so much better than I ever have my entire life. I wake up refreshed and ready to get things done every morning. I am confident in me and loving every day!

I can see my the changes in the neck, face, hands, stomach bulge the bloating. II see a new and better version of the same person.

“I feel like my mind is clear!”

Elev8 & Acceler8 for Aged people

Jessica Schmidt from Idaho says:

My Dad is 79 and Mom is 69. Neither of them act their age at all! Dad just started a fencing job in Idaho on a 27,000 acre ranch, one night after work he said to me “I’m so Glad you got me on this epic stuff, after working all day riding the four-wheeler and fixing fence. I’m not even tired! The sinus pressure that I had in my head is gone and I have been sleeping much better I have mental clarity and it feels good.”

My Mom who drink a pot of coffee just to stay going during the day hasn’t touched coffee in 2 weeks! She said “I don’t need coffee anymore and I have so much energy that I just want to get out and do things, The inflammation in my legs is gone along with the discoloring, I feel like my mind is clear and I sleep so much better!”

“The pills have literally saved me!”

b-epic pills for weight loss with thyroid issues

Testimony of Shannen Castro from Wisconsin, the USA:

“Ya’ll this 3 pill system has got me high on LIFE!
Before I started these capsules I was very Low on Energy due to my hypothyroidism and not wanting to get out of bed most of the days. Very depressing! I was honestly crabby as a mother to my kids and husband. They literally were avoiding me everyday! So sad…

Now.. I’ve been taking all 3 pills daily. They have literally saved me! Saved me from losing my mind.

My kids no longer have a crabby Mother and my husband has the ME he met 23 years ago back! No more laying around crying myself to sleep. i’ve lost 8 pounds and about 3 inches. I walk about 3 miles daily unless it rains. I get about 8+ hours of sleep and it’s that DEEP Sleep.

Yes I will forever have to take medication for my thyroid so that won’t go away. But that is all I take besides these amazing capsules.”

Review: Energy, Weight Loss, Happyness!

B-Epic pills review from Canada (energy, Weight Loss and Happyness issues)

Review by Valerie Sjodin (Alberta, Canada):

“My story – warning. It’s a long one.

I became interested in these vitamins because I wanted to shed weight. That was it that was the only reason why. I want the extra weight I’ve packed on over the past 3-5 years gone. I want to feel comfortable in my skin and feel good again. I did not expect what has actually happened to me over the past 37 days.

The backstory.
I’m a mama of four kiddos and I have a full time job as a teacher. I am no longer optimistic, I could easily get caught up in the negative, I’m tired all the time, I didn’t have time or energy to be the mom, the wife, the person I wanted to be. I was cranky and exhausted because I didn’t have the energy to do it all. I have always been an anxious person and after the birth of my youngest I found myself struggling with postpartum depression. Every day was a struggle and I was eventually forced to seek medication to help me with that. I just wasn’t happy anymore.

Fast forward to July this year. I heard about these vitamins from a family member and thought yes if I can lose weight maybe I can start to feel good again. Maybe I can get some energy back.

Within the first week I’d lost 11” I could feel a difference in my clothes but more importantly than that I had this incredible energy from day one.

I sleep so well now. I jump up and get my day going.
And the best part I didn’t expect. I am so happy. My nerves have calmed and I feel happy. I have been able to start the process of stoping my anxiety meds. I can focus on the good stuff and am able to choose to stay away from and ignore the negative.

I always have used food to numb myself. The cravings that I used to have are gone and I now can stop and think to myself why would I binge on that? No I’m fine and I have gone for walks or picked up the phone and called a friend or my folks. I’ve found healthier options.

I feel like in just the short weeks I’ve been using these vitamins they have helped me get so much closer to finding me again. I’m happy, I’m full of energy and I’m living the life I want to live. Ask my hubby. I’m much easier to live with.

These vitamins I bought to help me lose weight have helped me overhaul my life in ways I never imagined were possible. When you hear me say these are for everyone. Trust me. They are. They truly are life changing!!!”

BEpic for bowels (testimonial)

bepic pills for bowels health

Karen from Pennsylvania wrote:

“My hubby and I started on this better health journey 1 week and 4 days ago.

I’ll share something with you that is PHENOMENAL to me! I have ALWAYS had serious digestive issues. My bowels even ruptured in 2006, causing me to have to have emergency surgery. For decades anytime I ate a meal, my stomach ALWAYS hurt afterward, and I ended up giving the rest of my food to my hubby. Everyone who lives with chronic pain, of any kind will tell you that pain just becomes a part of your, everyday life, and you learn to live in spite of the pain!

I was sitting in my bed on Tuesday night when it hit me… “I’m NOT in pain!!!” For the last 5 days I have ate my whole meal, and had NO pain afterward…NONE! That alone is an INCREDIBLE reason to take BEPIC!

Love, love, LOVE these pills, and how they’re restoring my digestive system!”

“Every day is getting better!”

Review of Heather Mitchell from Kentucky, USA

My story is unlike most, At 28 I had a massive stroke.
I’ve had 16 brain surgeries as a result.
There were many occasions that my neurosurgeons prepared my family for my death because the swelling and fluid inside of my brain was so elevated.

I had two shunts that assisted with draining fluid off of my brain.
I developed meningitis and had both shunts taken out while the devices were out the neurosurgeons determined that my brain had returned to completely normal pressures. Which is totally unheard of. That 3 years ago.

However, As you can imagine an experience like that has contributed to anxiety and depression. Then, this past year I found myself in a new personal hell.

I wasn’t sleeping. I was severely anxious, like never before. I couldn’t eat.
My dear friend introduced me to these products. My first night I actually slept. The following day I had NO ANXIETY. I was calm.
Every day is getting better!

“This has saved ME!!”

Testimony of Kymm from Arizona, USA

“I’m in tears at the way my body is changing from the inside out!!!
I have laid in bed since 1999 with a back injury. I had 3 back surgeries in 8 months, two 6 days a part.
My bones hurt since I was young and my parents were told it was growing pains.
At 53 years old, almost 10 years ago they found my bones were too small, they didn’t form in places and they were brittle. When I did get up and go, it was like an animal that had been caged and then set free to roam and play. I would pay by heading back to bed.

Fast forward and here I am…pain free except my muscles that are getting worked. Bone pain and neuropathy from head to toe…GONE!! No more shocks to my eyes, face or anywhere.. GONE!!
No cigarettes, no caffeine except a cup of coffee because I love the taste. Only sugar is from fruit!!

I have juiced, detoxed for days and tried it all!!
This has saved ME!!
I went from not living and in constant pain to putting more miles on my legs and my car then I did in 10 years and I’M ALIVE and living!!”

Before & After B-Epic's Elev8 / Acceler8 pills (#2)

Before & After B-Epic's Elev8 / Acceler8 pills (#1)

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Reviews of our visitors

5.0 rating
September 5, 2020

Have been taking both acceler8 and elev8 for 7 days the acceler8 restore has detox ingredients in it so be prepared for that. Its flushing out the toxins which could take up to a month depending on how you have eaten and how you eat on the product it’s pretty gentle but can feel like you have an upset stomach and that’s due to the detox ingredients working properly. I drink dieter’s tea from time to time and its no where as aggressive as that tea. If you do have medical conditions please consult your doctor to see if detox properties are right for you. The elev8 is the perfect multivitamin plus has natural ways to increase energy so instead of buying a multivitamin and energy vitamins it’s all in one and that’s a plus for me and keep in mind not every product works for everyone if b-epic products aren’t for you there are millions out there for you to discover and ultimately you should go with what works best for you body but for me I enjoy these products because I don’t have to take 10 plus pills a day like I used to now it’s 3. I haven’t taken it long enough to say how it works for weight loss but from my experience to have effective weight loss your body needs to detox first and this product has the detox properties and again if your on this product and not eating healthy it’s not going to be as effective or effective at all for some.

Tiffany Lynn Grant
5.0 rating
September 5, 2020

It seems to take more time for some to see inches and pounds lost. But I know that I had a body full of inflammation when I started and the good nutrition had to deal with that first. In my second month, I’m seeing more benefits. As long as I keep having positive changes I’m going to keep taking it.

5.0 rating
August 13, 2020

They really are miracle pills! I had trouble with sleep. But now I’m falling and staying asleep. I do not have nightmares at all. I feel rested when I get up!

1.0 rating
July 24, 2020

I have been taking all 3 of the pills for 8 days and no results. But I’m not quitting, It might just take time to kick in. I have a sponsor who said it took her 2 months she lost 17lbs ai did see her results. I want it to work like that for me. I’m ready.

5.0 rating
June 18, 2020

I got the result from three capsules in May, and started taking them in February. But this is a very good result .. I do not want to write about it .. just believe me))))

1.0 rating
June 18, 2020

I have taken b epic for 3 weeks..i have seen no difference. I take the green pill 6 hrs before bedtime and the white and purple pill i hr before bedtime. No difference in anything…what am I doing wron? My daughter is having great results from taken these. Pls help me with this. I just bought my second month of supply but if I don’t see any results I will not purchase this again. Do I need to change eating habits?

shelia Culpepper

Response from BEpic: products, sign up, sponsor code

It happens that people do not have results at first. This is a rare case, but it is not unique.
The first obvious tip is to take the green pill in the morning on an empty stomach.
The second tip is to wait. In the first month, the effect of the pills may be felt very strongly, but may not be felt at all. Both cases are normal. The “main” month is the second.
The third tip – please read this page

2.0 rating
June 9, 2020

Is it supposed to make you feel sick to your stomach ?


Response from BEpic: products, sign up, sponsor code

Yes it is quite possible.
Please read this page

5.0 rating
May 4, 2020

My epic journey has also begun !! It’s already the sixth day and the results are cool !!

Devin Ireland
5.0 rating
April 26, 2020

love love love these products !!

5.0 rating
April 17, 2020

looks cool

Eric V

5.0 rating
5 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)