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B-Epic pills for women

Although the capsules are not medicines, many diseases and disorders, including woman’s, disappear after their use. Below are some reviews of real women in which they share their progress. Sometimes it is very amazing. After all, although Elev8 / Acceler8 does not cure the disease, but it gives the body the strength and ability to heal itself. Are B-Epic Pills For Women? Yes, they are!

Michelle from Kentucky, USA wrote:

“That’s right 30 days of 3 pills have literally transformed my life. I feel alive. This white pill allows me to sleep so peacefully and content, the purple pill I take in the morning and around noon I take the green pill.

I’m 44, do I’m premenopausal and the night sweats are almost gone, my mood is calmer.

I went from drinking 2 large frappes with extra espresso everyday to maybe 1 or 2 a week. My appetite is curved, my clothes are looser, I wore a dress for the 1st time in 10 years and my legs didn’t rub together. I have the desire to get up and go.

I just feel good. I am far from where I want to be but much closer than I was a month ago. B-Epic is changing lives…..”

bepic pills - premenopausal  woman review (Michelle Burke Meyerhoff)

Kel S. from Nevada, USA wrote the following:

“These supplements have changed my life! I was type 2 diabetic. I can now say was because for the past month my sugar levels have been completely normal. I also suffered from PCOS and endometriosis. Since taking these supplements I have had regular periods every month. Which this is a huge thing since I have spent my whole life being irregular having them only once a year.

These supplements have also done so much for my energy and mood. I’m a much better mama to my 5 year old son. I don’t snap at him anymore for the small things. I’m currently in a very hot climate and don’t really exercise at all. I have lost 9 pounds so far”

review on bepic pills (2 type diabetes, pcos, endometriosis)

Jennifer from Saskatchewan, Canada wrote the following:

“I needed to rave about these three pills!!
I have endometriosis and when I ovulate, I’m usually found in a fetal position and can feel it happening. On top of that, I usually pass bigger then toonie sized clots throughout the whole time I have my monthly and am usually so tired, I can’t function.

Just by taking this system, not only was I almost pain free during ovulation time, I’ve noticed my clots have drastically gotten smaller.
The fact that I felt almost human during the lovely lady time is reason enough for me to continue on this journey.

I’ve had tons of tests done with no answers or solutions and have tried many many different companies and pills and such and NOTHING has worked until NOW!!

In 4 days, it will be a month that I’ve been taking these supplements!!”

Review by Jennifer Zanidean on b-epic's pills (endometriosis & ovulation issue)

Testimony of Taylor Ladd from Indiana, the USA:

“I am currently 4 months into these magic capsules, 5 months postpartum with my third baby and currently 60 pounds lighter! I have stopped smoking during the 4months (unfortunately after having my daughter I started back up) I haven’t had a cigarette in 3 months!

It’s mid January and I’m not depressed! I am sleeping like a champ! My energy is still crazy I can still keep up with 3 kids, an adult kid (their daddy) and a puppy PLUS work my business! My gut health is definitely on POINT!

I definitely am loving who i am today! I am loving every second of these life changing capsules!”

Bepic pills after postpartum (review and pics)

Testimony by Ashlee V. from Missouri, the USA:

“9 weeks!! Y’all, my face though! I can not tell you how much better I feel! I had no idea something so simple could change my life!!!

3 vitamins a day and I have not had any menopause symptoms in almost 8 weeks.

My full abdominal hysterectomy really kicked my booty… on top of the 17 years battling neuropathy, arthritis, and Sciatica!!
I’m ready to take on everyday head on now!

I will not spend any more time laying around this house getting chores half done…
I will not miss out on anymore activities with my kids!
I will not let my injures define me any longer!

I am a mom just like any other physically healthy mom now!!
I am over the moon with excitement and just have to shout it from the roof tops!!”

BEpic pills for woman (abdominal hysterectomy and menopause symptoms) - honest review

Testimony about hormones and menstrual cycles

Carla’s story: “My body and my hormones have been whacked for years!! My periods have been all over the place for a few years. In the fall, we thought we were pregnant because I was almost 2 months late!

Took two pregnancy tests and ended up getting my period a few days later. But I was DONE dealing with all of the things that come along with messed up hormones. And I then started tracking what was going on so I could gain a better understanding.

I almost went back to an expensive system I used to use, but found something that makes me feel the same way it did, for 1/3 of the price…so why not try it.

Enter three little whole food pills. I finally bit the bullet in March, and looking at the log below, you can see how my hormones have been leveling out! #thankyoujesus

My body has been healing, detoxing, getting rid of inflammation, resetting and getting exactly what it needs. No doubt the rest will come, as my hormones level out, and gut health continues to get better.

Besides the obvious hormone reasons, my skin has cleared up, hair isn’t falling out, incredible deep sleep, waking with energy, continued energy throughout the day, way less bloat, focus, less emotional rollercoaster (hello, hormones!), and just overall sense of calm despite my crazy, insane, and busy life!”

menstrual cycle and BEpic pills (Carla Lutz review)

Adell from Oregon, USA said:

“This is mostly going to be for the ladies… I started the trio 2 weeks ago, the first few days were awesome with amazing sleep and energy through the roof. Now for the AMAZING part, I have been medically diagnosed with endometriosis (I had surgery to confirm) I live with chronic pain and bleed constantly (like I am on my period). There is no cure for it and nothing for the pain except ibuprofen.

After about 7 days of taking these little miracle pills. The bleeding has stopped and I have ZERO pain! I have lived with this for 7 years and have had so many surgeries.. I was not expecting this to happen. So when I say this has changed my life it really has. They have given my life back to me.”

Testimony of Tammy D.

“Well since I started this journey there has been many changes happening. I have no pain in my joints, lots of energy, not hungry all day long and not even craving all the junk I use to eat!

Of course for a woman in her 50’s I have battled symptoms from menopause for years now. Since I started Bepic, I can honestly say those symptoms are miniscule! I have slowly been weaned off my anxiety med, and I haven’t used my BiPAP machine in a week!

What I can say from a sceptic point of view, I am testament that these three capsules really work.”

B-Epic Pills For Women

Judith van der Werf”s review:

“14 years ago I had a hysterectomy I was 29 years old, after the surgery I was in menopause for 5 years and then it was over ( I thought). Last year i was having again a lot of symptoms of menopause and first I thought it was stress because of my divorce and needed to find rest and peace in my new life. But started searching and visited my doctor and confirmed it was menopause again, because I still have my ovaries ( they told me after the surgery they were damaged but because I was so young they didn’t want to remove them)

I’m very healthy eating and living, and didn’t want to go back to the medicines I used 14 years ago, and searched for a natural way for the symptoms.

I’ve found the solution in the Elev8 and Acceller8, I have no more painful joints, no hot flare ups, sleeping the whole night and jumping out of bed in the morning, my hair is growing back, my skin is glowing have energy the whole day and feeling 20 years younger.”

BEpic 3 pills for women (honest review)

Nikki from Georgia, the USA wrote:

“I’m on day 6 – haven’t lost any of the weight people talk about but that’s not why I started taking it, though it would be an added bonus! It may help with my sleep a little. But the biggest immediate difference I noticed was it has made my extreme hot flashes due to menopause nearly stop. I still get warm occasionally but no more sweating and being completely miserable. I sleep with a fan blowing directly on me and have actually woken up cold and had to turn it down a notch. I feel much better!!”

Kortnee from Kentucky about breast milk supply:

“I made a status about 3 weeks ago, crying, because my milk supply had dropped dramatically due to stress of living in the hospital nicu with my baby girl…. I had no motivation to pump any longer. I was frustrated, and just all around letting my anxiety take over!!

I want to thank God this morning it’s coming back.
I woke up this morning like this… ))
I haven’t done this in a couple of months.

Thanks to my amazing supplements and prayer, in just 3 short weeks, I’m down 10lbs, a short size & I feel better than I have in over a year!!!
So good that I decided to start selling the brand!

There is nothing like it.
(And, yes I consulted a doctor and nutrition/lactation!)”

bepic pills for breast milk supply (Kortnee Broughton review)

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