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B-Keto: Powerful BEpic Drink with Fast exogenous Ketones

B-Epic B-Keto supplement
B-Keto Dietary Supplement

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Boost Your Weight Loss During Physical Activity with B-Epic B-Keto!

Product Brief Info


  • Accelerates Weight Loss During Exercise
  • Boosts Efficacy of Keto Diet
  • 30 Sticks in a Container
  • Serving size: 1 Stick per Day


Customer Price

99.95 USD

Excluding shipping & international fees

Distributor Price

89.95 USD

Excluding 19.95 USD registration fee, shipping & international fees

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This is the most advanced and innovative supplemental drink of BEpic company. It offers instant natural fat burning.

After consumption, the B-Keto causes fast weight loss. The supplement induces a natural state of ketosis, helping to convert excess fat into energy, and also lowers blood pressure + boosts mental activity.

What is B-Keto

  • B-Keto is a dietary supplement with exogenous ketones for fast weight loss during your physical activity
  • B-Keto activates longer fat burning after exercise
  • B-Keto is clinically proven to induce ketosis, whether you are on a diet or not
  • B-Keto trigger your body to burn stored fat as its preferred energy source instead of carbs

Product Details

  • 30 sticks with powder in a container
  • Total net weight 4.76 oz (135 g)
  • Sugar, dairy & gluten free
  • Vegan friendly, non-GMO
  • Has a pleasant grape flavor
  • Formulated in Canada, made in the USA
New B-Keto with Peach Flavor
New B-Keto with peach flavor

BKeto Benefits

  • You lose weight from the first minutes of physical activity (not from the 15-20th minute, as usual)
  • Your keto diet is much more effective and more enjoyable as ketosis starts much faster than usual
  • The supplement relieves keto flu symptoms such as nausea, fatigue, and headaches
  • You lower your risk of types 2 & 3 diabetes
  • Your blood pressure goes down
  • Your brain gets better nutrition and runs faster
  • It is easier for you to learn and remember new information
  • Your feelings of anxiety and alertness will disappear
  • You probably reduce your risk of dementia
  • Your appetite and food cravings are naturally controlled
  • BKeto doesn’t interfere with or inhibit ketogenesis like ordinary BHB supplements.

Price for BEpic BKeto

•1 B-Keto Pack (30 sticks)89.95 USD99.95 USD
•BMvmt Ignite Pack (1 month supply)
BKeto + Royal Blue Tea
109.95 USD119.95 USD
•Putnam’s Power Pack (1 month supply)
BKeto + NutriNrg + Blue Tea
139.95 USD149.95 USD
Shipping cost and custom fees (for international orders) are not included


  • Accelerates Weight Loss During Exercise
  • Boosts Efficacy of Keto Diet
  • 30 Sticks in a Container
  • Serving size: 1 Stick per Day


Customer Price

99.95 USD

Excluding shipping & international fees

Distributor Price

89.95 USD

Excluding 19.95 USD registration fee, shipping & international fees


Ignite Pack - order online on official BEpic website
  • Your Most Effective Keto Diet
  • Healthy Body Hydration
  • Fast Fat Loss During Exercise
  • Optimal Brain Functioning


Customer Price

119.95 USD

Excluding shipping & international tax

Distributor Price

109.95 USD

Excluding 19.95 USD registration fee, shipping & international tax

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Fast Ketosis with B-Epic BKeto
BKeto boosts fat burning naturally

How to use B-Keto

Add the contents of 1 B-Keto stick to 8-12 ounces of water; stir (in an open container) or shake (in a bottle). Drink during the day or use for pre-workout support. Best taken on an empty stomach.

Store in a cool, dry place to maintain freshness.

CAUTION: Consult your physician before taking if you are pregnant or nursing, have a medical condition, are taking prescription drugs, or are under the age of 18.

Customer Tips

Tips by Christine Columbine from Canada:

Customer tips for b-epic bketo supplement.jpg

Ketone Usage & Instructions.
Best use:

  • Drink on an empty stomach
  • Before a workout, or even moderate activity
  • Do not chug. Drink over 15 – 30 minutes
  • 8-12oz of water recommended on label, can add more water to taste
  • Watch sugar & maltodextrin intake
  • Cut out sodas, juices, and high glycemic index foods
  • Huge tip google “low glycemic index foods” and try to eat more of those!

You do NOT have to be keto, but you do have to do your best to eat healthy.

Tips by Mendy Hansen from Iowa, the USA:

customer tips for bketo drinking

I take my Bketo in one cup of water immediately upon getting up in the morning in my fasting state. I wait a minimum of 1.5 hours before drinking my cup of hot regener8 and taking my green pill.

I do not eat until at least 2:00-5:00 pm and of course I’m drinking lots of water throughout the day. I take my purple pill and hour before I eat whatever meal of the day I eat and then I take my white pill 1 hour before bed at night

I’ve lost 6 and 1/2 inches off of my waist in the last 2 weeks. Loving my system!!

Tips by Carey Merton from Alberta, Canada:

Customer tip for BKeto using

“Because B-Keto kicks in right away when you drink it, I drink it at the busiest time of my day, so I’m having extra fat burn! Usually that’s in the morning.

If you are exercising or even going for a walk that is probably the best time!

Don’t forget to fill your regular water bottle too, hydration is super important!”

BEpic BKeto outside & inside
B-Keto: container, sticks, powder, drink


BEpic B-Keto Ingredient List
B-Keto Ingredients

B-Keto contains BHB-BA™ (aka KETOBHBA™). The ketone body BHB (β-hydroxybutyrate) is synthesized in the liver from fatty acids and is an important energy carrier from the liver to peripheral tissues when the glucose supply is too low for the body’s energy needs, for example, during periods of prolonged exercise, fasting, or lack of dietary carbohydrates. In addition to its activity as an energy metabolite, BHB is increasingly understood to perform cellular signaling functions.

But BHB-BA™ is revolutionary Exogenous Ketone fat-burning formulation that provides more advanced pharmacology and incremental scientifically-proven metabolic enhancement over standard BHB.

BHB-BA = BHB + BA (butyrate acid)

BHB-BA™/ KETOBHBA™ patent technology and trademarks are registered and owned by Biologic Pharmamedical Research Inc.

The supplement contains dry extract of natural grape also, rich in calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium.

Other Ingredients: Glyvia™ & stevia leaf extract as sweeteners, natural flavors, citric acid, malic acid, potassium citrate, and beet powder for coloring.

Glyvia™ is a natural zero-carbohydrate sweetener with sugar-like taste without the sugar calories. It provides a research-supported pharmacology to assist insulin activity and blood sugar clearance. Trademarks are registered and owned by Biologic Pharmamedical Research Inc

Ingredients of B-Epic B-Keto
BKeto Supplement Facts

How BEpic B-Keto works

BKeto is a state-of-the-art innovative product based on many years of scientific research and laboratory testing.

In this section, you will be able to learn about its scientific foundations, listen to the supplement formulator and look at the results of clinical trials.

B-Keto for ketosis: some facts

The supplement induces ketosis in the body within 15 minutes. Ketosis is a natural metabolic state in which your body uses fat and ketones rather than carbs (glucose) as its main source of energy and fuels for cells. In ketosis, the liver makes ketones from the fat you eat and the fatty deposits of your own body.

Ketosis is a safe and healthy state.

There are several established benefits of being in ketosis:

  • Suppression of appetite and food cravings (including in the early days of the keto diet)
  • Accelerated weight loss
  • Reducing the risk of developing diabetes and prediabetes
  • Improved endurance and athletic performance
  • Control of epileptic seizures
  • Reducing the frequency and severity of migraine attacks
  • Blood pressure normalization

Video: the formulator tells about B-Keto

How it works

YouTube video

More details about BHB-BA (KETOBA™)

YouTube video

Detailed info from the formulator

Dr. Franco Cavalieri, B-Keto formulator, told the following:

“You know that we in our laboratory have been working on bench and in clinical trials for about 11 years and we have peer-reviewed articles. We’re working at the genomic and proteomic level of the cell and the tissues of the body to determine how our cells are responding on BKeto product. When we talk about inflammation or we talk about ketosis or cell recovery or generation of endogenous or internal antioxidants in the cell we want to know how our genome,  how the body is reacting at a cellular level.

This one product has a cumulative effect on all of your cells, affecting your body and brain metabolism and keto state. This affects every aspect of your being from the cognitive to the metabolic, to the entire peripheral tissues and I’ll explain how this works.

A lot of you’ve heard about ketogenesis and ketosis and the BHB exogenous ketones that are supplemented in the marketplace.

B-Keto is very different.

We’ve heard about Ketone salts. These ketone bodies that are taken as supplements, but there’s a lot of misinformation, and our published research unraveled this misinformation and misunderstanding.

So we have exogenous ketones that we would take supplements as supplements we have endogenous ketones the body’s gonna make.

Now when you go on a ketogenic diet (low carb, high fat) that it’s kind of hard to stay on that ketogenic diet for the first two or three days for most people. The brain wants  glucose – and if you limit glucose availability or sugar availability because you’re dropping your carbs, your brain telling you to eat carbs, not the peripheral tissues of your body.

So their body can actually use fat as a primary source of energy but what happens is over a period of two or three days the ketones in your bloodstream tend to escalate and what’s happening there is that the body is making ketones from fat. So, your liver through a process called beta oxidation is going to take fat and make ketones. Fat cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Your peripheral tissues involved in physical activity they can use fatty tissue, but the brain cannot. So, the brain needs glucose, or it can use ketones as an alternative source of glucose.

Your brain says go eat carbs,  you need carbs, you need to fuel your brain. So, what we do is provide the ketone in the supplemental form so that your brain doesn’t have to wait for serum ketone levels or blood ketone levels to rise high enough from the production in the body. Ketone production in the body is called ketogenesis and that’s what you’re trying to do with the ketogenic diet is to activate ketogenesis so that we increase serum ketone levels in the blood. When ketone levels in the blood are high enough, they cross the blood-brain barrier they go to the neurons in your brain and they can serve as substrates for your brain to make energy.

So, if glucose is not available because that is basically localized in the brain then what happens is that glucose cannot be used by your brain very well and the ketone becomes a secondary nutrition substrate.

But here’s the cool thing your neurons can make up to 38% more ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) using less oxygen with the ketone so that if you have that ketone available then you’re able to function whether it’s cognitive or physical work. You function more efficiently because you need less oxygen.

You can go further, you can run harder because, you have more stamina, you have backup energy and that allows you to function at a greater capacity very amazing concept.

So, the difference now between the regular ketone BHB salt you might see in the marketplace and B-Keto is profound and that profound difference is demonstrated clearly in our research which you will see in the peer-reviewed journals.

This discovery reviewed by peers that have allowed it to be published.

So, you can rely on the data now what’s different between B-Keto and regular BHB ketone salts. The key difference is that the beta hydroxybutyrate the ketone itself that we’re supplementing with is coupled to butyrate short chain fatty acid which serves also as a precursor for beta hydroxybutyrate but a signaling agent and this is critically important which changes the entire ballgame here. It’s a signaling agent for the liver to tell it to make ketones.

B-Keto supplies the exogenous ketone same time at the same time we’re supplying the signal to have your body make endogenous internal ketones from your own fat and this is critically important.

What do you with old standard BHB ketone salts is you shut off completely turn off fatty acid oxidation or the burning of fat in your own body? You completely turn off ketogenesis the manufacturing of ketones from your own fat and that voids anything you’re trying to accomplish on the ketogenic diet so if you’re on a ketogenic diet and you’re trying to stimulate ketogenesis you completely turned it off.

When you take our exogenous ketones it’s not a regular exogenous ketone salt what it is the  ketone coupled to butyrate. Butyrate is cleaved off goes to the liver tells your body to continue to make ketones even though that ketone is being supplemented and why this is important is because now you’re burning your own fat.

So you take that before a workout you’re burning your own fat from the initialization of your workout and please know if you go on to a cardio workout for instance um it takes you about 15 to 20 minutes before you start burning significant  amounts of fat in that activity.

Typically, you’re going to be burning glycogen first for the first 15 minutes. But most people don’t do a cardio session for more than 20 minutes to 30 minutes and so you’re not getting a huge impact on the oxidation or fat burning for that energy unless you take the BKeto right before the activity.

And what happens in that case is that now your body is going to burn fat right from the initialization of your physical activity and your brain’s going to get all the fuel it needs to keep going and you’re going to be using less oxygen during that activity.

With BKeto obesity is starting to be eliminated at a very effective rate your brain is functioning at a completely different frequency your recall capacity whether you’re studying or whether you’re just functioning normally in the day is amazing because the brain is heightened.

One of the key issues when it comes to dementias and cognitive deficits forgetfulness things like that is the failure for those neurons to be using glucose efficiently and it’s being now labeled type 3 diabetes. 

You know there’s type 1 diabetes where the body’s not making enough insulin or any insulin at all because of damage that’s caused to the pancreas the beta cells in particular, there’s type 2 diabetes that’s more lifestyle related or it can be genetic there are genetic anomalies of the protein insulin that can contribute to type 2 diabetes where you have insulin resistance, and now type 3 diabetes where glucose is not being absorbed very effectively in the brain.

BKeto reduces a rick of type 3 diabetes.

It’s either a cause or a consequence of dementia and the other activities that are current dementia. But by using a product like B-Keto you actually improve neuronal efficiency and even if you do develop dementias and things like that the ill effects and the late stage effects are prolonged so you don’t feel them until you’re very old and you may not ever even feel them before you pass away.

We’re talking about optimizing the metabolism overall so the body cells absorb from food the substrates that they need to make ATP are more efficiently available. So you’re living at a completely different level and frequency of life and you’re able to then point all this metabolic  efficiency at whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s weight loss, whether it’s just improved cognitive capacity, whether it’s just improve lifestyle and life quality.

So in my opinion this is one of the most amazing products because we’re able to affect the core metabolism improve insulin efficiency improve lipolysis the ability to actually burn fat, and enhance fatty acid oxidation.

Now you have the ketone coupled to the butyrate acid the short chain fatty acid you actually activate and prolong fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis the body’s ability to make ketones for the brain.

Your metabolism will work with you towards burning calories and  work with you towards your goals whatever those goals are.

Ph.D Franco Cavaleri, B-Keto formulator

Franco Cavaleri (B.Sc., PH.D. Candidate BIO) is a biomedical research scientist focused on the pharmacology and therapeutic potential of natural medicines.

Franco Cavaleri is a Ph.D. candidate in the last phase of a doctoral program at the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine and holds a B.Sc. in Nutritional Science.

Franco was inducted into the CHFA’s (Canadian Health Food Association) Sports Nutrition Hall of Fame for his efforts and contributions to the healthcare and sports nutrition industries.

Scientific basis of BKeto

The product is based on the patented BHB-BA complex, which has been presented in peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Emran B, Franco C. Butyric Acid Influences How β-Hydroxybutyrate Modulates Fatty Acid Oxidation and Ketogenesis To Support Ketosis. Curre Res Diabetes & Obes J. 2018; 8(5): 555746. DOI: 10.19080/CRDOJ.2018.08.555746. (link)

Cavaleri F, Emran B. Potential Synergies of β-Hydroxybutyrate and Butyrate on the Modulation of Metabolism, Inflammation, Cognition, and General Health. Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism (2018). DOI: 10.1155/2018/7195760 (link)

How BHB-BA (B-Keto ingredient) can induce ketogenesis
How BHB-BA can induce ketogenesis

B-Epic B-Keto for Ketogenic diet

Our brains require a lot of glucose, which the body normally makes from carbohydrates. In states of ketosis, instead of glucose, the brain consumes ketones (BHB).

However, in the early days of the ketogenic diet, when the supply of glucose to the brain has already decreased, but the production of ketones has not yet begun, the brain suffers from a lack of nutrition. It requires carbs, and this causes excruciating hunger.

But if you are consuming the B-Keto supplement, you do not need to wait 2-5 days before starting ketosis. The ketosis starts almost instantaneous (15 minutes only!), and the brain does not feel hungry. Your keto diet is now much more enjoyable!

Moreover, with this supplement, your keto diet may not be very strict – you can consume a little more carbs without losing effectiveness!

B-Keto is a super booster for your diet!

B-Keto vs ordinary BHB Supplements

There are many different BHB salt supplements with ketone bodies available on the market. Perhaps B-Keto is just one of them? No!

This product is based on novel BHB-BA™ blend which combines BHB salts with Butyrate Acid (BA). Such a mix has new power health benefits and prolongs fatty acid oxidation and ketogenesis in the body.

You can get more information from the interview with the product formulator, Dr. Caveleri. It is listed below on this page.

B-Keto is not ordinary BHB salt supplement!

Customer reviews on B-Epic B-Keto

Personal Training Coach About BEpic B-Keto
BKeto Review by Joy David Maese, Personal Training Coach:

✅In 11 years of personal training and nutritional coaching I have never seen a product like this before!
✅B-Keto (BHB-BA)™️ has been working great for all my clients! I’m very happy with the results so far!
✅Remember FAT loss doesn’t necessarily equal a drop on the scale at first especially when lifting weights!
✅I’ve been hearing a lot of drops in sizes and in the way clothing fits along with up to 20 pounds lost.
✅As you build muscle your body starts to burn 5-15 more calories with each pound of muscle gained!
✅The more muscle you build the more calories you burn during the day!
✅B-Keto (BHB-BA)™️puts your body in Ketosis (creation of your own ketones) & Ketogenesis (the burning of your own fat as energy instead of glycogen) and helps prevent muscle loss in a fasted state!

Weight loss with B-Keto supplement (B-Epic TM)
Andrea tells about her B-Keto experience:

… I am ABSOLUTELY blown away by the results of our Bketo and blue butterfly detox tea. In six weeks I have lost 23 lbs!

For six weeks I’ve been drinking the only keto drink that signals my body to make it’s own ketones and burn my fat for energy. And I’m NOT on a keto diet.

I’m looking in the mirror and seeing my body shrink daily. And as the keto crosses the blood/brain barrier not only is my body burning fat but my mind is really sharp, and the energy is incredible!

I’VE LOST FAT FROM WHERE I NEED TO LOSE IT…unlike other ‘diets’ where it never seems to go from the right place.

BKeto for blood sugar & Cardiomyopathy (real review)
Customer Review on B-Keto by Angela Distefano Sanford:

“I am 46 years old and was diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy 7 years ago???? when I was pregnant with my little girlв. I am and have been in heart failure since then and so, slowly over time, my other organs will start failing as well????

I became borderline diabetic because of this. I check my sugars occasionally and get bloodwork done every month.

One month ago, I added something NEW to my daily regiment this PURPLE DRINK???????? In these past 30 days not only have I lost 13 pounds… but my A1C went down a WHOLE 2 POINTS!!!! 2 POINTS!!!

My doctor was so amazed!!! Tears of joy ran down my face when my doctor called me!!! So thankful and blessed for this!!! ????”

Weight loss progress with BEpic;s b-keto (review from USA)
BKeto Review by Joy Mathews Feist from the USA:

“Here are my one month results incorporating B-Keto into my life! During this past month, I went on a business trip for 10 days and ran out of my purple supplement after 7 days. I also didn’t stick to my strict keto diet while out of town and I STILL dropped inches! I continue to be blown away by my results!

Here is my current regimen:
????Elev8 (Green Capsule) – 7AM’ish
????Acceler8 (Purple Capsule) – 8AM’ish
????B-Keto (drink mix) – 10AM’ish
????Acceler8 (White Capsule) – 8PM’ish

I rarely exercise, but I’m working on being more active. I know it’ll catapult my results if I can get my booty into gear!”

B-Keto for obesity (before and after pics)
B-Keto for obesity (testimony of Helen Keys):

“I was morbidity obese 29 weeks ago. Now I’m classed as over weight. When you see I’ve now lost 7 STONE in 29 weeks you’d think I’d been on super strict diet.

Nope not at all… I’ve tried DIETS they don’t work as they not realistic and I’m a food addict..

My keto shrink drink helps me with cravings appetite and energy.
I have my drink every day at about 11.30 and that sets me up all day I do not crave any crap at all ????

Now I feel alive I am losing weight and healthier much healthier actually. I still want lose 4 stone to my goal and I will do and I will keep it off for good ????”

BEpic;s b-keto supplement effect (review from Texas)
Posted by Sue Kiple from Texas, US:

“ONE MONTH on BKeto!!
I felt great, slept great and my blood work has been amazing. The only change I made was adding BKeto first thing in the morning.

  • I workout – nothing intense, I walk, work in the garden, hunt and do monthly challenges with friends for muscle toning.
  • I eat low carb (but do not deprive myself… must have my Mexican food fix) I do not do strict keto. I’m just not keeping up with those macros.
  • I fast at least 16 hours a day (BKeto has completely curbed my appetite and I don’t crave any sweets.
  • I drink at least a gallon of water a day.

If you’re struggling with energy, brain fog, appetite control, sweet tooth, have plateaued in your journey or you’re just tired of feeling …. give BKeto a try!!!”

B-Keto by BEpic - customer review
Review by Chrissy Weaver from Massachusetts:

“Huge fan of this drink! Noticed my ability and desire to workout is so much stronger within minutes of taking this! Less appetite and a desire to get projects done.

What’s interesting is, I never get sore with workouts. This has increased my endurance, energy, strength and gave me a drive to workout! I made myself sore after very little activity! All because my ability to perform comes naturally and willingly with this drink. I’m happy the taste is good, and no feeling sick like other ketone drinks on the market have me me feel.

This is making me feel like some kind of super hero!
No medical claims but this stuff is amazing!”

Review on BEpic b-keto with ketones
Angie Gischel‘s review on BKeto by:

“Who goes on vacation and loses a pound ?! This girl did!
I thought I’d put this ketosis drink to the test! I drank it every morning while watching the sunrise ))
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not proud of how I ate and I don’t recommend it but I believe keeping my body in a fat burning state helped me tremendously.

I typically would gain 10 lbs easily eating the way I did.
Waffles every morning, burgers, onion rings, french fries, tacos & Margaritas (when in Mexico), cakes, churros….

I’m a total believer! And it also gave me energy and focus to match!
P.S. My daughter lost 4 lbs

Review from Oklahoma on B-Epic b-keto with ketones
Morgan McIntosh from Oklahoma wrote the following:

“So thankful for BKeto! This is my results after 1 month. I started a strict Keto diet in 2018 and dropped 70 pounds in 1 year. I got pregnant with my 4th baby in Dec. 2019. I gave birth in September 2020.

Because my body was already fat adapted, I couldn’t lose the weight like before. I gained 10 more pounds by February 2021. I was completely frustrated ((

1 month ago I decided to try BKETO with my already strict keto diet. Now I’m finally seeing results again!”

Effect of BEpic's BKeto with ketones (review from Canada)
Debi Kuleski from Canada shared her epic experience:

“I feel a little vulnerable sharing this ????

Until 6 weeks ago I did not like what I was seeing, nor how I was feeling. I was a hot mess last year, not only because of Covid, but hormones played a big part ????‍♀️ premenopausal, she is a bitch ????. My physical appearance of my body completely changed, ugg! mental fatigue, zero energy, inflammation, Irritability, memory, mood swings. Did I mention…all I wanted to do is eat, not snack. I was on the bus to crazy town. ????

A friend of mine, Rebecca knew what I was going through.????????????
Thank you for sharing this amazing product with me.

Did I mention I am 50 years old????

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