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Prices for B-Epic Partners

B-Epic Prices for Brand Partners

The B-Epiс company offers the lowest prices for its Brand Partners only. A prerequisite for buying at minimal B-Epic member prices is an online order on the company’s official website. To place an order, you must have an B-Epic account. Anyone can create it (see step-by-step instructions).

There are two types of Brand Partners – Independent Distributors and Preferred Customers. (You choose your partnership type when signing up.)

Prices for Customers are slightly lower than for Distributors. However, they do not pay a registration fee of $ 20.

All partners have the opportunity to buy one of the fixed packs only (see in the table below).
Please note that not all packs are available to customers.

Product Catalog with Prices

Shipping cost ($8.45-16.95) not included

B-Epic Member Prices and products available
  • Full price list see here
  • Read about CV & PV
  • Leader Packs are involved in the assignment of LifeStyle Bonus
  • 2 BImmune canisters cost $ 99.95 for distributors.

Learn about the safest and most economical way to purchase B-Epic products.

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