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Earning Commissions and Getting Paid from BEpic

How do I make money / earn commissions?

Refer to the “B-Epic Brand Partner Compensation Plan” linked to on the Support page. Be advised, for the PV/CV of an order to be included in the Commission computation and processing for a given calendar month, that order must be processed in the system before the 26th day of that month.

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What is Personal Volume (PV)?
What is Commissionable Volume (CV)?

Every product has an assigned PV and CV value in our system. Personal Volume (PV) reflects the dollar amount that the person paid for the product (purchase price). Commissionable Volume (CV) is the dollar value assigned to the product for the calculation of commissions.

Please note, in order to qualify for ranking, commissions, and bonuses, the PV and CV requirements must be met by a single product pack’s point value. In other words, it does not work if you mix and match different product packs of lower point values in order to reach the total PV and/or CV point value requirements to quality for the applicable ranks, commissions, and bonuses. The point values of separate product packs are NOT summative nor cumulative for monthly qualification purposes.

When and how do I get paid?

  • The Customer Bonus and Fast Start Bonus are both paid in real time; they are entered into your E-Wallet instantly.
  • The Two Team Pay and both Matching Bonuses are paid weekly with a one-week delay. For these the commissionable week runs 12:00 am EST Wednesday through 11:59 pm EST Tuesday, and the corresponding commissions are entered into your E-Wallet the following Wednesday.
  • The Lifestyle Bonus and Global Bonus Pool are both paid monthly; they are entered into your E-Wallet on the first Wednesday after the 15th of the month following the commissionable period.

Then, once you have accumulated a balance in your E-Wallet account, you can request a withdraw via your E-Wallet. (Instructions are provided in the “E-Wallet and Withdraw” chapter.) A withdraw request can be made at any time but be advised that it will not be paid out until the upcoming Friday. All withdraw requests submitted through the week by 12:00 am midnight EST Thursday are paid out on the Friday of that same week.

Refer to the Commission Schedule listed on the “B-Epic Brand Partner Compensation Plan” linked to on the Support page.

How do I request a payout of my BEpic commissions?

Instructions are provided in the “E-Wallet and Withdraw” chapter under the question “How do I request a withdraw from my E-Wallet?”

Do I need to pay taxes on my earnings?

Brand Partners are independent contractors and as such are responsible for paying taxes pertaining to their B-Epic business. You are responsible for adding your Tax ID or Social Security Number to your BEpic Account Profile. Instructions are provided in the “Account Details” chapter.