BEpic B60 Transformation Pack

Create a Healthier Lifestyle in 60 Days!

What is BEpic B60

B60 is a new profitable bundle of B-Epic products (so called Transformation Pack) designed for 60-day weight loss Challenge Program. Available in the USA since October 25, 2020.

B60 bundle includes several items for fast and safe weight loss:

  • Elev8 pills (2 months supply)
  • Acceler8 pills (2 months supply)
  • Hydr8 water (2 months supply)
  • branded water bottle
  • complete 60-days B60 Challenge Program (workout video-guide and printed instructions)
bepic b60 challenge program & product pack

B60 program slogans are
Add more years to your life“,
“Transform Your Life with B60!”,
& “Warning! This product may cause extreme weight loss

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Products brief info


Elev8 supplement is the first and most famous B-Epic product for your body and mind. Elev8 green pills are the highest potency and strength of selected plants, nootropic herbs and oriental mushrooms with adaptogens. As experience shows, the longer people take capsules, the better their condition, and the more diseases they can get rid of.

The Elev8 box contains 30 green capsules/pills (1 month supply). More info


Acceler8 is a product that allowed you to lose weight, while you got the best sleep of your life. Acceler8 is a dietary supplement that is a combination of two types of pills taken together before bed. Acceler8 Sleep white pills prepare your mind and body for a deeper night’s sleep and promotes weight loss. Acceler8 Restore while the purple pills gently and naturally accelerate digestion, flush toxins, and increase metabolism.

The box includes 60 capsules – 30 Acceler8 Sleep and 30 Acceler8 Restore. More info


The easy-to-use liquid pH water enhancer restructures plain drinking water resulting in a more hydrating water, which the body can more readily use. This increase in hydration helps the cells function optimally. HYDR8 may also support digestion, absorption of nutrients, free radical scavenging, detoxification, and elimination.

1 bottle of Hydr8 contain about 192 servings of restructured water. HYDR8 is vegan, GMO & gluten-free. More Info

BEpic B60 Bundle (2020)

B-Epic B60 Reviews

B60 program testimony

Review by Jen Larsh from Pennsylvania:

“Purple sports bra is day I started the B60 challenge. Grey sports bra is this morning after 60 days! This lifestyle challenge provides insanely awesome results! What you can’t see is just how fantastic i feel on the inside.

Belly bloat gone, sleeping amazing, skin glowing, nails growing like crazy, lost 6 lbs & about 5 inches off my belly, waist & bust!


Price for BEpic B60 Transformation Pack

For distributors: $189.95 + shipping + international fees (outside the US) + $19.95 (One time Registration fee)
For customers: $199.95 + shipping + international fees (outside the US)