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Hydr8tion Reviews

Reviews about B-Epic’s Hydr8ation supplement (former name is Hydr8) for healthy water preparation. Only real customers, only real Hydr8ation reviews!

Review of Christopher Meo from Florida, the USA:

“I find that I actually crave water now but only water that has Hydr8ation in it.

I would suspect this was a mental thing but my kids only want this water too and they never wanted water previously.

Another test I tried was using it for the fresh cut roses I bought my wife. They have stayed fresh for at least 2 weeks and now have started to grow.”

BEpic's hydr8 water using (real review from Florida)

Post by Katie N Josh Cassel from South Carolina:

“Love!!! and I tested my water supply. See photo. I can taste the freshness too”

water Hydr8ation reviews & lab testing pH level results

Makayla Cartwright from Missouri, USA shared her review:

“My fiancé and I tried the Hydr8ation today…

I had an amazing day with it! I usually have a horrible time getting through a gallon of water and I was actually craving water and drinking it with ease. I loved it so much!

When my fiancé got home from work I asked how his day was and he was so excited to tell me how much water he had drank! He was like wow I must have been dehydrated because I was SO thirsty all day. He was like wow that stuff actually works!!

So if you’re wondering if it’s all your head… it’s definitely not!
It ACTUALLY works!!!”

B-epic's hydr8 water consuming (real review from Missouri)

Review by Stephanie Blood from Arkansas:

I’m literally melting!! In a good way!!

I use the hydr8tion water to make both my coffee and my ACV water in the morning. Coffee tastes awesome and I only drink 1 cup now too! I drink the hydr8ation all day long!

B-epic's hydr8 water consuming (real review from Arkansas)

A opinion of Sarah Stone from South Carolina:

“I love how it makes my water taste even better! I am also loving how it’s enhancing the benefits of the system.

It’s actually helping with hydrating my skin even more(I no longer have a thyroid). My skin feels great. Not itchy or dry like it used to!”

B-epic Hydr8 alkalized water testimonial from South Carolina, the USA

Hydr8 review by Carrie Ralston from Canada:

“I want to share my testimony about Hydr8. To be honest at the beginning I was a little skeptical. I know I know, I take the 3 magic beans and I know they work… so why not Hydr8?

I just never realised how much alkaline water helps your body. I find that my mental clarity got a bit more of a boost, I feel lighter…if that makes sense and I don’t get bloated. Tell me that’s not crazy? What I mean is we all indulge now and again. Whether it’s rich foods, an extra beer with buddies, or just not eating right due to a crazy weekend or week. Well the next day, I just don’t feel bloated, like I did before with the same amount of water.

I find that hydrate has definitely helped me in so many ways! I cannot live without it.”

B-Epic Hydr8 water (customer review from Canada, Edmonton)

Post by Irene Leger-Chiasson from New Brunswick, Canada:

“I have been using Hydr8ation for since Oct 14 days, I am loving it.. I did start gradually and worked my way up to 2 litres a day each litre with a 1/4 of tsp of Hydr8ation.

I feel so light now when i have drank all my water for the day. Water use to make me feel bloated.. and I also wake up in the morning feel so rested and refreshed!”

bepic's Hydr8 water effect (review from Canada)

Diana Berkley-Collins Carmean from the US shared this:

“Hydr8ation has no taste but it gives the water a crisp fresh taste.

I don’t like water but I do now. And I crave it. Which is great because I never used to drink much water. I have to because I had kidney failure from my previous cancer and I am diabetic.

This really helps keep my kidneys healthy.”

bepic's Hydr8 water (review about kidney health)

Jayme Lizana shared her comment:

“I’m on month 2 of HYDR8 and I’ve noticed that I’m no longer bloated, like ever, unless I’m dealing with mid cycle things, and I’ve become more regular!!

My stomach will bubble a lot as a forewarning and then within 24hrs I have a great bm. This is something I was not experiencing while only consuming the BEpic pills.

The HYDR8 appears to have helped with my weight loss as well. Numbers have been going down consistently for the past 2-3 weeks. Happy is an understatement!!”

hydr8 water by bepic for weight loss (testimonial)

Desiree R Brumbach from Pennsylvania shared the post:

“Hydr8ation is flavorless it makes it taste nice and crisp fresh water!

I love it I noticed the other day I had some mucus building up and it literally broke it apart within 30 mins of me starting to drink my water.

I feel so much more hydrated less bloating and better detox.”

Hydr8 by Bepic effect (review from Pennsylvania)

Karen Kimberlin Kopack from Texas shared this:

“I have 1 kidney and my kidney function was at 33%.

Took Hydr8ation to my nephrologist is September… he ok’d me too use it every day all day.

Had another checkup in January…my kidney function was 57%…for me… that’s reason enough!!!”

b-epic hydr8 reviews from USA

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