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About B-Epic online Shop

BEpic store

The official BEpic shop is the only place where you can buy B-Epic products – Elev8, Acceler8, etc. – with a guarantee of quality and safety.

What is B-Epic Online Shop?

  • B-Epic Shop is the section of the official website of the company “B-Epic Worldwide LLC“, designed for online product orders.
  • B-Epic Shop is an online trading platform. BEpic products are not sold in offline stores, pharmacies or supermarkets.
  • B-Epic Shop shop provides safe payment, shipping and, if necessary, products return & refund.
  • B-Epic Shop operates in full compliance with US and international law.

Where is the B-Epic Shop and how to find it?

The only official BEPIC online store is

Caution: Any other online and offline stores of BEpic products are owned by independent distributors or third parties. B-Epic Worldwide LLC is not responsible for the quality and shipping of goods purchased off-site

Note: The site you are currently on ( is informational. It does not sell but forwards buyers to the official website.

B-epic corp: all products (2020-2021)
B-Epic products

B-Epic Shop rules

  1. In order to make a purchase, the buyer needs to create own account on the official website.
  2. When creating an account, the buyer must provide the so-called sponsor code. This is the username of any of the registered distributors of the company.


Payment for BEpic products (Elev8, Acceler8, B-Keto, B-Slim, Gr8 Kids, Rejuven8, Hydr8tion, b-Immune, etc.) can be made by Visa, American Express, mastercard or Discover Novus credit or debit cards.

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The products (Elev8, Acceler8, Gr8 Kids etc.) are shipped from the plant where B-EPIC supplements are produced (located in Utah, USA) by USPS (USA), Landmark (Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand, Israel), LBC (for Philippines), Velox (Ukraine, Russia), GLS or DHL services for EU & CIS countries.

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BEpic 30-day guarantee

What the Shop looks like?

The official B-Epic shop (Products menu item) looks as shown

On desktops and tablets

The appearance of the official B-Epic store

On mobile devices

The appearance of the official B-Epic online shop

Note: B-Epic Worldwide LLC may change shop design without notice.

Please note that the sponsor name is displayed at the top of the screen.