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BEpic pills do not work! What should I do?

Yes, sometimes it happens. BEpic pills are not a panacea, although they are often called “miracle pills” or “magic beans”.

Usually, at the beginning of taking pills, people feel an improvement or aggravation (associated with detox processes!) in their general health. But some do not feel ANYTHING! What should they do?

  • Usually they don’t need to do anything – just keep taking the pills as before!
    (As a small example: testimony of Karen A. Driggers: “The first 2 weeks I felt nothing. Like zip, – zero and then BOOM! It was like a flip had been switched!!”) Read also: How quickly will I see results?
  • Sometimes they should increase the amount of water they drink during the day.
  • Sometimes they should change the regimen: drink a purple capsule in the morning and a green capsule in the afternoon.

There are other “tricks” that experienced consumers write about in social networks. You will find their tips below.

What to do if my 3-pill-system does not work? (customer advice)

Advice and directions from Jamie Barke:

1. Take the products as instructed for 2-3 days and then you may need to adjust how you are taking the products and at what time because everyone’s body is different. You may just need to switch up what time of day you are taking the capsules. You will need to play around until you find your sweet spot.

Some examples:
Not sleeping well:
Take purple capsules AFTER dinner & white capsule 1 hour before bed. (each with 8 ounces of water)

Have not enough energy you would like on the green capsule:
Take green capsule AFTER lunch. (With 8 ounces of water)

Too much energy:
Take HALF the green capsule AFTER eating with 8 ounces of water.

Your anxiety is high:
Take HALF the green capsule after a high protein breakfast. (With 8 ounces of water)

Sensitive to caffeine:
Use GR8 Kids in replacement. No caffeine in this product.

Having stomach issues or not detoxing:
Take purple capsules upon waking before any food or coffee. (With 8 ounces of water)

2. DO NOT get on a scale for the first month. Why? Because the first month your fat cells have not shrunk and may hold water weight. See diagram below. So take pictures and measure yourself the day BEFORE you start and then 30 days later. Not daily. Especially women. We can gain 7lbs easily in a day depending on the week of the month. And if you are women going through menopause your system has REALLY slowed down. So breathe and stop stressing over numbers on the scale. That little beast is a dangerous liar.

Diagram - Why Am I Nor Losing Weight/Fat
Why I’m not losing weight / fat: some reasons

The key is keep the water flowing. Drink water if you feel you are tired, ‘think’ you are hungry, upon waking, you want to drink HALF YOUR WEIGHT IN WATER IN OUNCES DAILY.

Some of us are simply dehydrated and our bodies get tired or hold weight or get sick because we aren’t drinking enough water. Water is life.

Also, if you are not fueling your body with ENOUGH healthy calories you could be causing your body into starvation mode and your body will hold weight. So that is another thing you need to look at.

Some real BEpic customer stories

Other replies to Krystal’s post:

Some take longer then others to notice results. Do not trust the scale! Compare your pictures after a month and try to drink a lot of water. Lastly don’t get discouraged. You got this! (Amanda Gilson)

I didn’t really start to notice a lot until about week 3. It works on the inside of the body first and then you start seeing results on the outside. My advice, just keep going. You should start seeing results soon. (Kim Beckhardt)

The longer you take them..the better you feel! I crave water now! Never liked water before.. all of my “ quick fixes” cravings are gone.. ice-cream.. chocolate… energy drinks body says no! There is no ceiling to what your body can achieve with these 3 capsules!!!! Don’t give up!! (Tammy Morehart)

I think it is important to remember that everyone’s results will be different. The key is to drink lots of water at least half of your body weight. I haven’t weighed myself but I know I have been losing weight by way how my clothes fit and also I can see the changes in my body. I have added daily exercising to my routine to speed up weight loss. I take white before I go to bed. I take purple when I get up and I usually wait several hours before taking the green. (Tiffany Ciambrone)

Clarissa Young from Florida shared her experience:

“July 2020 about 326 pounds
March 2021 about 276 pounds

Even my ankles look smaller (wow!). Also had to adjust wedding ring size. Could not keep it on my finger at all.

I want to add for the first 2 months I didn’t lose weight and was still eating up everything. All my friends were raving about how their appetite was gone (I thought I had a food addiction). I increased my water to about 8-10 cups a day. The magic started! Appetite better, inches went faster, SCALE STARTED MOVING!”

Bepic 3 pills and water drinking (customer advice)

Meg Priest gave advice on taking the supplements:

“It’s just not working for me“ – I’ve done the health and wellness thing for a while, and I hear this off and on. Usually is after 3-4 weeks of taking a supplement.

The thing about supplements, or any wellness routine, is it takes TIME! It didn’t take 3 weeks to feel sick and tired of being sick and tired, so why do we expect it to only take 3 weeks for your entire body, mind, gut, etc to get WELL again?

Your body isn’t Amazon. There is no lightening PRIME deals on health! This isn’t drive through wellness in a jiffy. It takes TIME to let’s the cells in your body to regenerate, restore, repair and HEAL from the stuff we put it through!

Consistently is a MUST! If you do what is needed half the time, you will get half the results!

Your choices have consequences! If you eat cheeseburgers, little Debbie and crap half the month, you won’t get accelerated results. Even doing ALL the right things 100% of the time …


Are there people who get faster resulted than others? Yup! But we are all VERY different at the cellular DNA level! Stop comparing yourself to others!!!

Don’t give up before you get your break through! That goes for business building, spiritual and personal growth and all things worth it in this life too!!

bepic pills no not work for me (review and tips)

Kandice Clark shared her story:

“Just as encouragement for those of us that are not experiencing results as quickly as others: I just started on month 3 and I have lost very little weight and very few inches (if any). BUT, I am sleeping so much better, my energy level and ability to focus is so much better than before and (probably TMI) my bathroom habits are much improved!! In fact, I believe I might be in the Candida die-off phase.

It took longer than I anticipated for this to happen, but it is happening and I am not about to stop now!!

We are all different and our bodies need different things and different amounts of time to adjust and react. Don’t get discouraged. Look for the little victories that are happening! Quit worrying about the weight and inches!! When your body is ready, it will happen!!”

I have not results with bepic pills (real review)

Heather Elaine Trahan from Louisiana said:

“First off, don’t be discouraged if you haven’t seen any changes especially with the 3 day samples.

Your body is not like everyone else. Some detox quicker the others. I haven’t checked my weight or measurements but I do notice my clothes fit better, don’t feel bloated.. the best part is the energy I had. It hit me out of no where yesterday. I purged my closet and dresser, organized 5 rooms and didn’t have the crash most energy bust come with. I sleep all night, no more flopping around, no getting up off and on, just full solid sleep. My mood is usually a rollercoaster and now, I am all smiles and have been since day 1. I feel more confident and even getting out of my house instead of being a home body.

Give epic a chance to work. Best advice I can give is drink plenty of water this helps push the toxins out, avoid sugary foods and drinks, eat less carbs and eat 6 small meals a day.
I am a better version of myself, not where I want to be yet but I will be soon thanks to this simple 3 steps…”

Chrissie Anne’s advice:

“I see so many posts where people say, ‘I tried it for 2 or 3 weeks and didn’t get any results’. Why are they losing weight or inches and I’m not? What order do the take their pills? This seems like it’s just one more thing I tried and it didn’t work!Pretty easy to give up, isn’t it?

But… supplements that heal from the inside take time. If you have been feeding your body garbage for the past years, do you think 2 or 3 weeks is going to detox your body from the junk it has been living off of for years? Of course not!

First off, everyone’s body is different and reacts to things differently. So Jane who felt a boost of energy after a week is NOT you and you are NOT Jane. Results will differ!!

B-Epic is not a diet pill. It is a ‘tool’ in helping to heal your body and one of the ‘side effects’ if you will, is weight loss, decrease in inflammation and bloating. If you have not given it a full 3 months, you really haven’t tried the product.

Everyone is different. Everyone reacts to things differently and most of all… Give it time! Don’t give up! Trust the process!”

bepic pills instruction & tips

Diana Berkley-Collins Carmean wrote:

The whole BEpic system is focusing on getting your body well enough to run its best. Kind of like a fine tuned automobile. You give your car what it needs to go and now on this program you give your body what it needs to go. Everyone is not going to have the same results because everyone is different. Everyone’s body is at a different level of repair. I hope that made it a little easier to understand. Too many are getting upset because they aren’t seeing the same results of others.

We need to remember we have abused our bodies for years we can’t just fix them in a short period of time.

Actually it is a wellness program. Weight loss is an added benefit.

bepic pills: I have no results

Nicole Pacifico from Ohio shared:

“I had decided I was going to give this product a month to “get the full effect”…I immediately began sleeping better, and in general “feeling a little better” but that was about it.

I have Hashimoto’s Disease, Menieres Disease, and edema in both my legs.. I used to be a very laid back person, and have found that over the past few years…I was wound tighter than a ball of rubber bands. To be honest, I felt angry all the time and hoped to feel “normal”.

About two weeks into this process, I decided to purchase another month (due to the lag in shipping). Let me tell you…had I not done that…I would have probably “quit” after a month…instead, I gave it another month…I mean, why not…I had the stuff, right?

Well about two days into my second month I realized I wasn’t so feeling so “angry” all the time, or “quick become angry”…I felt at ease and “normal”. It’s been a week since then and it keeps getting better and better…I haven’t felt this “chillaxed” for years. To top it off, my clothes are beginning to loosen up on me, and my legs/feet are half the size they were…so for those of you who aren’t seeing results right away…

DON’T GIVE UP! These are truly a miraculous set of pills and I don’t plan on ever stopping!!!”

bepic pills do not work (real story)

Sherri Cooper Taylor wrote:

“Hi, have you tried switching the way you take green & purple pills. Also this is something that helps me. I make a list of positive and negatives: before i started this i wasn’t seeing what i thought was positive results. Putting any positive results on paper helps me stay positive, no matter how small): I hate to say this again, because i know people are tired of hearing it. But you body is getting rid of toxins and junk. How long will it takes depends on everyone’s body.”

Ferlin Blood from New Mexico wrote:

“I just wanted to encourage people who are on the three pill system and not seeing results to hang in there and to play with when you take them.

For 10 days I was taking the white and purple pill together at night and waking up groggy in the morning even though I was sleeping very well. For the last two days I have taken the white pill by itself at night before I go to sleep and taking the purple pill in the morning. Yesterday I took my green pill about 30 minutes after taking the purple pill and I had a boost of energy around 9:15 in the morning. This morning I took the purple pill and waited until noon to take my green pill and I am energized at this moment but the amazing thing is that I woke up 45 minutes before my alarm went off this morning and I was not groggy in the least but was able to get up and pray and get all of my morning chores out of the way before leaving for work and I feel great! These pills are the real thing.”

Kim Curtis from Wyoming advises:

bepic taking tips (Kim Curtis)

“I take the green about 7 am I wait an hour and take the purple one to allow it time to get into my system and the white about 15 min before bed! For everyone’s system is different you just have to kinda play with the green and purple! Some of my customers take the green and purple together some take the purple in the morning and green early afternoon. There really is no set time on the green and purple for they are all Whole Foods.

I eat lunch and dinner my portions are half what they used to be but I do snack on veggies and fruits thought the day. It takes a bit to get into the system and work. I’ve had great success with taking them this way I’ve lost 20lbs and over 14 inches in two months and I drink nearly a gallon of water everyday.. but again just try different times and see what works best for you!”

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