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“I do not lose weight with B-Epic pills! Why?!”

Alas, not all 100% of people quickly lose weight with Elev8 / Acceler8 pills by B-Epic. Although most people lose weight intensively, some have worse results… Why and what to do?

“No weight loss yet. What should I do?”

Some people need more time than a week or a month. But the truth is that ultimately these pills will help everyone. If in the first weeks the value on the scales does not decrease, the waist volume may reduce (yes, this happens often!)

Yes, your weight may not decrease within a month or even two. But at the same time, you will definitely feel an explosion of energy, or an improvement in sleep, or the disappearance of an anxiety state, or an overall improvement in health. And, most likely, all this will happen together!

And how about your weight?.. it will come back to normal necessarily. Rest assured!

Read some reviews of people who did not immediately begin to lose weight with Elev8/Acceler8 capsules.

Reviews of people who do not slim

Why am I not lose weight with B-Epic pills? (Tina Bradshaw from Edmonton, Canada)

Tina Bradshaw from Edmonton, Canada wrote:

“I have been using b-epic for 21 days now. I haven’t had any weight loss yet. But I have noticed other things. My mood is better. My sleep is better. I have lost 2 inches in my waist, 1/2 inche from my ribs and 1 inch from my breast. So there is that, total 3 1/2 inch loss so far.

I have more energy in the day time. I don’t want to tap out as quickly as I usually would. And I have more patience with my kids then I used to. So there is a Win there.”

Fran CP from Woodstock, Ontario posted her experience:

Bepic weight loss (opinion from Canada)

“Please remember that it’s not meant to be a weight loss system, that just happens to be a welcome side effect for some. This is a nutritional wellness system. Depending on what your body needs, that’s what will be addressed first, that’s one of the amazing things about adaptogens, the green pill is full of them. As our body heals, usually from the inside out, you will notice changes.

The pre- and probiotics in the purple pill are wonderful for building and boosting gut health. The white pill is for sleep and body rejuvenation. Our bodies do their best healing when we sleep because it can put the energy into that instead of moving and doing stuff.

Best to take them on an empty stomach so that’s why it’s recommended to take the green when you get up and the purple and white before you go to bed.

Also remember to drink that water, our bodies need so much and most don’t humans drink nearly enough. Keep track of more then just the weight / inches loss, check in with your body, see how it’s feeling”

Nichol Whitney Spangler’s opinion:

bepic pills - customer experience

‘I don’t think everyone looses weight, like stated in Facebook… I have been taking for almost 5 weeks, I haven’t weight or measured since I started ( waiting until the 8 week mark). Without thinking about the weight loss I’m definitely a lot less bloated.

I feel great, sleep amazing ( which has been a struggle my whole adult life) I stopped drinking soda cold turkey (was a 4 large McDonald Dr Pepper a day girl). Haven’t had any headaches ( like I would usually get) and my cloths fit better.

I think a lot of people Focus on the weight loss aspect of it when you see everyone stating weight loss but I think it’s more than that. Especially for me, I’m getting full nights sleep, not crazing junk or soda, don’t feel bloated. I feel like I have def loss fat as my boobies are soft ( not Normal lol). It’s def gonna work different for everyone.”

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