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Taking B-Epic supplements during pregnancy

DISCLAIMER: If you are pregnant and want to start or continue taking B-Epic supplements, always use caution and consult your doctor first!

Is it acceptable or not?

There is no scientific evidence that BEpic pills are beneficial or harmful to pregnant women. We are not entitled to recommend or prohibit their use during pregnancy.

At the same time, there is a huge number of reviews from the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, where Elev8 and Acceler8 supplements have been popular for many years. In these reviews, women talk about the positive effects of pills on pregnancy and the health of newborns. At the same time, there is not a single review that speaks about the negative effect of the pills on the fetus.

Such reviews do not have evidential value from the point of view of medical science, but they exist in large numbers.

Whether or not to take BEPIC pills during pregnancy is up to you and your doctor to decide.

Some reviews on taking these pills while pregnant

BEpic pills during pregnancy (testimony)

Michelle Reiser from Ontario, Canada shared this:

“Let me tell you something….. I found out I pregnant in April.

I had all the morning sickness. My energy levels dropped, I wasn’t sleeping through the night, and I was constipated — all things that are intensified in the first trimester!

I was OK’ed by my doctor to taking Elev8 + Acceler8 through my pregnancy. WHAT A RELIEF! Going off of Elev8 and Acceler8 for those 3 weeks was an eye opener.

The minute I swallowed my first green capsule, the nausea improved – not 100%, but definitely enough to function! Within 2-3 days of reintroducing Acceler8 I was once again sleeping through the night and frequenting the bathroom.

Bottom line, B-Epic products were a game changer for me! I am so grateful for them as it would have been a really crappy first trimester without them lol.

I am now almost halfway through my pregnancy, and I can tell you with absolute positivity that I feel they’ve helped me gain my baby weight efficiently, and not excessively so far. I feel like they’ve really made a huge difference in my day to day ability to function, and even get some exercise!”

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