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BEpic Supplements: Best Combinations

BEpic manufactures over a dozen different supplements. Each of them is effective and allows for success. But often, customers get the best results by combining several different supplements.

On this page you will find recommendations for combining B-Epic products based on the experiences and stories of real people. They will help you find the best product combination to solve your problems and achieve the results you want.

Customer experience and tips

B-Keto + Regener8 + NutriNRG

Bepic product kit for fitness & energy
Recommended by Bobby Moore, Health & Wellness Coach

“If you haven’t tried these products and you’re looking to amp up your workouts, fitness & recovery, get on it ASAP!

I had lost myself for a bit during the pandemic. My motivation and drive were gone, I was finding it tough to workout at home and eat well & fell into a funk. These products have brought me back to life!

The combination of the NutriNRG with the B-KETO Is an incredible pre workout. I have so much energy and stamina at the gym.

The REGENER8 is amazing post workout for recovery because of its anti inflammatory benefits and promoting bone, joint and tendon health! It also helps tremendously with muscle and joint pain.

If you haven’t yet, GIVE THEM A TRY. I’ve been in the health and wellness industry for years and have tried tons of products – these are legit!!”

3 pills system + B-Keto

Bepic pills with bketo for gym workout
BEpic Supps for workout: Experience of Fred Tanner

“I’m almost 55 and type 2 diabetic, I take Elev8 and Acceler8 sleep for 8 months, now I have been using B-keto for one month now and I’m seeing faster progress than I have ever seen on any other pre-workout supplement I’ve ever tried!

I lift weights 3-4 times a week and can’t believe the stamina I have to workout twice as long as I did before!

If you haven’t tried B-Keto yet, don’t keep waiting, get going and build the biggest muscle ever!!!”

B-Immune + Regener8

Bepic Regener8 collagen effect (customer review)
Christy Wylie Crider from California shared the post:

“Our B-Immune and Regener8 products have been a life saver for me!!

The most important and meaningful improvement for me has been my immunity health! I have always been sick or catch things all the time due to my compromised autoimmune system but I have been around sick people all year long and I have not had even a sniffle!! This is nothing short of a miracle for me!!

Since beginning on them almost 10 months ago, I have lost additional weight had significantly improved mental focus, increased energy levels, experienced sleeping through the night (for the first time in over 20 years), reduced joint inflammation, completely cleared up skin (thanks to amazing Regener8 products!), my moods have been leveled out and I no longer have the severe sugar cravings or crashes in the middle of the day!!

Let’s just say, I am a client for life!!”

Acceler8 + B-Keto

Acceler8 + B-Keto complex effect
Experience of Amanda Nesbit Gilson from Pennsylvania:

“I did it y’all! 22 pounds in 2 months after adding B-Keto to my already amazing Acceler8! I have a whole list of health issues but with consistency, persistence and the right tools, (B-Epic products) I finally am feeling more confident.

The one thing I can’t stress enough that you can’t see from a pic is how absolutely life changing Acceler8 has been for me! No more anxious feelings or restless nights! And after 13 years of “tummy troubles” I am healthier than I’ve been since my UC diagnosis in 2007.”